The literary works of Katie Price, Barack Obama and Dawn French are the most readily discarded reads in UK hotel rooms in 2009 a new report has revealed today. Topping this year’s Travelodge’s ‘books left behind index’ is Jordan’s third autobiography, ‘Pushed to the Limit’. In which she reveals the tough times she has faced in the last couple of years concerning; marriage, children and turning from glamour model to businesswoman.  

In second place is ‘Dreams from My Father’ – Barack Obama’s moving account of his journey towards understanding both his father’s life and his own cultural inheritance.

British actress, writer, comedienne and wife of Lenny Henry – Dawn French has made third place with her memoirs’ titled ‘Dear Fatty’.  Written in a ‘letter style’ to; family members, school and professional friends, the book chronicles the extraordinary rise of Dawn from her early years as an RAF child and her flat-sharing antics with Jennifer Saunders, to her outspoken views on sizism and her marriage.

Listed below are the rest of the top ten reads left behind in Travelodge hotels over the last 12 months:

1. Pushed to the Limit                                                                Jordan (Katie Price)

2. Dreams from My Father                                                          Barack Obama

3. Dear Fatty                                                                             Dawn French

4. The Tales of Beadle the Bard                                                  J.K. Rowling

5. Sex And The City                                                                  Candace Bushnell

6. A sense of urgency                                                               John.P.Kottler

7. The Appeal                                                                           John Grisham

8. At my mother’s knee and her other low joints                          Paul O Grady

9. The Magic and the Madness                                                  Michael Jackson

10. Confessions of a Shopaholic                                                 Sophie Kinsella

Greg Dawson, Travelodge Spokesman said: “Over 7,200 books have been left behind in our hotels over the last 12 months. As well as the famous names in our top ten, an influx of Mills and Boon titles have flooded our index as have English language phrase books due to many Europeans holidaying with us this year”.

“The findings of our index often offer a good reflection of travellers’ habits in certain areas of the country. The credit crunching books are most often found in the financial centres of the country whilst the literature of love is aplenty in Nottingham.”

Other key findings from the study among 385 Travelodge hotel managers revealed:

·                     Nottingham Central Travelodge had a suitcase of Mills & Boon books left behind which belonged to a high-flying businessman.

·                     Hotels in Wakefield, Leicester and Birmingham had the most copies of Jordan’s book ‘Pushed to the Limit’ left behind.

·                     Hotels in Manchester and Oldham had the most copies of the Karma Sutra left behind.

·                     Hotels in Central London, Edinburgh and Cardiff had the most business books left behind.

·                     Travelodge hotels in Liverpool had 12 copies of ‘How to learn Scouse’ left behind’. Also there were eight copies of ‘Speak Geordie in one day’ left behind at

Newcastle Central Travelodge.

·                     Berwick upon Tweed had twenty copies of a selection of Harry Potter books left behind.

·                     Hotels in Peterborough, Slough, Luton, Birmingham, Aberdeen and Blackpool had the most copies of English phrase books left behind.

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