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We have some exclusive snippets of the Kiera Knightly interview from Empire Magazine’s Latest Edition! Read below and don’t forget For the full interview see EMPIRE magazine’s October issue, out to own now.

It’s about time we took Keira Knightley seriously…


“How about some booze?” enquires Keira Knightley from her perch on the sofa. As Empire makes muted attempts toward professionalism, she’s having none of it: “Oh come on, let’s have a glass of champagne, take the edge off…” Thus champagne is called for, and you imagine a series of bells sounded in succession all the way to the bowels of the hotel to call forth a chilled bottle for the young actress. When the ice bucket appears, Knightley beams in satisfaction. The 22 year-old star is in delightful mood: honest, silly, a bit sweary, but in fulsome voice when it comes to the reason for the good vibrations: Atonement.

“It’s a beautiful film,” she sighs in appreciation. “This may be down to Joe, but everybody cared, it was the most rewarding thing, there was never anybody saying, ‘Well, fuck it, it doesn’t matter.’”

Atonement is directed by Joe Wright, who previously guided Knightely to a career high as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice, and this time he has created her most sensual, complicated and powerful role to date: Cecilia Tallis, one corner of the strange love triangle at the dark heart of Ian McEwan’s famed novel, is a new marker in her career. She has set aside childish things.

“She is nothing like I’ve played before — she is brittle and she is difficult and she is a complete bitch at the beginning,” says Knightley. “She is like a pressure cooker. It’s like that feeling you get in the summer when there needs to be a thunderstorm. I just responded to her.”

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