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As if Kerry Katona hasn’t been in the press enough lately, Girlie Gossip have heard on the grapevine that our favourite “girl next door” former Atomic Kitten has decided to become and author and release two novels

From what we can find out, Kerry seems to have been writing the books for sometime, and they sounds like they could turn out to be the best thing since Sophie Kinsella & Jane Green! Her first, entitled “Tough Love” is released to the mass market on 18th October, and Amazon are already taking back orders for it, and the next one which is out in April 2008, entitled “Rough Justice”

Amazon descibes “Tough Love” as “Martina Cole meets Footballer’s Wives, Tough Love is the gritty fictional debut from former pop star and tabloid favourite, Kerry Katona” which to us sounds like a pretty good endorsement.

The synopsis reads “Leanne Crompton had it all – beauty, fame, money. But when Leanne is sacked by her modelling agency, she soon finds herself penniless. With her seven-year-old daughter Kia to support, she has no option but to head north to her home town… back to her wayward family. With a brother just released from prison, another being taken for a mug by his wannabe-WAG girlfriend, and two sisters trying to escape her shadow, life with the Cromptons is a harsh reminder of how far she’s fallen. Now, starting over and with an explosive secret to hold on to – the identity of Kia’s dad – things start to get tough. Can she trust her ruthless mother Tracy not to sell her out to the papers? Or will Kia’s dad catch up with her and silence her for good?”

We are all pretty excited about this, and are touched to see that the novel does seem that to have taken the trial and tribulations of Kerry’s own life as inspiration for this novel. If it’s as well written as it sounds, I think we are going to love it, and the name Kerry Katona could be known nationwide in literary circles, rather than the tabloid scramble…. we can keep our fingers crossed for her, that’s for sure.

Kerry’s second book, “Rough Justice” again features the celebrity lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

The synopsis reads “Charly Metcalfe has a new boyfriend – Premiership footballer Joel Baldy – and a new WAG lifestyle. But when rumours start circulating about Joel’s sordid nights out without her, Charly is not happy and neither is her father, ex-villain Len Metcalfe. When Joel is found murdered in his hotel suite in Manchester, all eyes are on Len. He has the motive and the dangerous temperament. But what about Charly’s disgruntled ex, Scott Crompton, or his criminal brother Markie, who has a debt to settle with Len[unk] Behind the scenes there is someone who wants Len back inside and Charly back in her council house more than anything. And that person is keeping uncharacteristically quiet. They’re willing to do anything to make sure that someone else is framed for the murder; even if that person turns out to be their own flesh and blood”

They both sound pretty amazing to us, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of “Tough Love” when it hits the internet and bookshops on 18th October!! I doubt if Kerry is about to become the next JK Rowling, Charles Dickens or Shakespeare (heaven forbid!) but we do think these novels could be the making of the down to earth mum we all love to read about in the press.

Girlie Gossip would like to wish Kerry loads of luck with the release of her first book in October, and quite frankly can’t wait to get our hands on a copy!

Rough Justice

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