Here is our interview with the lovely Kevin Sage, The man behind the James Blunt Beautiful Parody that is everywhere on the internet at the moment.

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For those who don’t already know, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I guess you could say I’m in the business of making people laugh. I don’t have a degree in it, and my bank account would reflect limited success in my “business,” so maybe I should rephrase that….Currently, I’m a philanthropist in the charitable/non-profit sector of making people laugh. I’m an actor, a comedian, a songwriter, a director, a screenwriter. A renaissance man of sorts from the Shire of Los Angeles.

A lot of our members will probably recognise you best from the hilarious ‘Beautiful’ James Blunt parody that you made, what inspired you to do this particular song, and do you actually like James Blunts music?

Ah, the parody that made my family question what happened in my college years…Fortunately, the song is NOT based on personal experience. Now matter how drunk I get, I have a strict policy of arm wrestling anyone I’m about to make out with. If they beat me, the make-out session is cancelled. I had heard James Blunt’s song on the radio, and then in the same week, several friends of mine all commented on separate occasions how much they loved the song. When I saw the wistful look in their eyes and how they almost floated off to “Blunty Land” when the song played, I knew I had to ruin it for them. So I replaced the lyrics of a beautiful, sad love song, with those of an encounter where a guy accidentally hooks up with a transvestite. There are plenty of Blunt Fans out there. And there is an equal amount of Blunt Anti-Fans as well. I have no negative feelings toward Mr. Blunt. He’s obviously talented and has found a wide audience around the globe. I congratulate him on his success. Truthfully, if his song was not so popular, no one would care to listen to MY parody. So I owe Mr. Blunt a great deal, and hope he continues to write many, many more popular songs…that I can then make fun of.

Do you have any new parodies in mind that we should be eagerly anticipating??

There are always five or six in the works. There’s so much to choose from. It’s never a case of the well running dry. But random spurts of inspiration dictates which one gets finished first. So unfortunately, I’m not sure which one will be next.

You are also a keen actor and director, is this something that you have always wanted to do?

When we’re kids, we all have dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. Astronauts, doctors, policemen, superheros. But you can’t be them all…unless you’re an actor. I realized this early on. So yes, this is what I’ve always wanted to do. I can’t really remember wanting to be anything else. I’ve always enjoyed entertaining people, and as an adult now, I can appreciate the craft and the profession. The power of storytelling is profound. To make people laugh, cry, think. I truly enjoy that.

What has been your favourite part to act in a Film, TV show or Theatre production that you have been involved with, and why?

On a serious note, I played the role of Jesus in a film in Morocco, and it was by far my favorite. It was the most compassionate and complex role I’ve ever undertaken. The Moroccan people were amazing, and the cast and crew were extremely talented. I grew as an actor and as a human being. On a shallow note, I just finished a film starring Ron Livingston (Office Space, Band of Brothers) where I played an American soldier back in the Vietnam War, and I got to shoot an M60 machine gun and fly in a huey helicopter!! I got to play GI Joe for a week in the Philippines. So that was pretty cool too…

Are you working on anything at the moment that you can tell us about?

I’m currently in a stage production of a new musical entitled “Princess Bean’s Messy World.” It’s a children’s play in the vein of Shrek. Very satirical. Very funny…for adults and children. The music, script, and cast are phenomenal, and we hope to have a nice run here in LA before going to NY. And there are always several irons in the fire. I have an animated tv series in development now, and several other writing projects as well. I’ll definitely keep you posted on those. We should hopefully be going into production on them over the next year.
Oh! And I just launched “The Kevin SageCast” Video Podcast which is now available on iTunes. Right now you can download the “Beautiful” Parody Video and other stuff. I’ll be continually adding new random comedic content so subscribe to it today!

Describe your life to us in 10 words or less!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….ahhhh…now that’s funny.

What are your favourite Movies/Bands/TV shows?

I’m a huge fan of Christopher Guest and his mockumentaries. Spinal Tap, Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show, The Mighty Wind. Brilliant! All brilliant. He’s on the top of my “Would LOVE to Work With” list. I also grew up living vicariously through movies, and for some reason I gravitated to the romantic comedies/teen comedies of John Hughes in the 80’s and 90’s. I also ove the comedy acting and writing of Steve Martin. He’s a genius. As far as music goes, I’m really across the board. I enjoy every type of music to some extent. To name a few: Ben Folds Five, Dave Matthews Band, Ani Defranco, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby…
And in television: Monty Python, The Office (British and American Version), Extras (Ricky Gervais’ new show on HBO), Arrested Development (unfortunately cancelled), and the new Kevin Sage Show! (or whatever we end up calling it when it gets picked up).

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m an avid scuba diver, although I haven’t dove in a few months. I’m anxious to get back in the water. I did a cage dive with Great White Sharks off the tip of South Africa a few years ago. That was breathtaking. And there’s a lot of great diving in Southern California. I enjoy reading. I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, camping, rollerblading. Oh, and playing the piano. That’s my greatest stress reliever.

Where would you hope to see yourself 10 years from now?

Working on a film, tv show, or play that’s a story I WANT TO TELL, with people I WANT TO WORK WITH. Life’s too short to waste time on things you ultimately don’t enjoy. Hopefully, in 10 years I’ll be a lot wiser, making better life decisions that provide a rewarding life for my family and I—oh, yeah, family. Forgot to mention that. Being that I’m single and childless now…10 years will hopefully fix that.

Finally, is there any other news or gossip you would like to tell us about or anything you would like to add to the end of this interview?
Well, don’t tell anyone but…I heard that Marcie over in accounting has been doing the “you-know-what” with the new guy in sales—I don’t know his name, but the one who looks like the main guy on Doctor Who—and now she’s supposedly knocked up and calling off her engagement with Keith, but we all thought she was a “beard” for Keith anyway because he’s obviously gay or just the nicest guy on the planet….

But you didn’t hear that from me.

Many thanks to the very lovely Kevin Sage for taking time to answer our questions fully and in great spirit. lol.

If you liked this interview and want to find out more about Kevin… or maybe just stalk him like I do…ahem…. please visit the following links:- – You know you want Kevin Sage in your top 8 !! – Kevins Official Site.

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