Ladies: 10 Ways to Help Your Man Fix Up

Don’t take the title of this post the wrong way. I’m not saying that you should try to change your man by any means....

Don’t take the title of this post the wrong way. I’m not saying that you should try to change your man by any means. However, there could be improvements to make. I mean, let’s face it; they can be a little clueless at times. There’s nothing wrong with giving them a bit of guidance to send them in the right direction. Here are 10 ways you can help your man to fix up:

Overhaul His Wardrobe

Go through his wardrobe together and decide what he should keep and what he should get rid of. If he really wants to keep something, don’t force him to get rid of it. Be honest and tell him what you think of some of his old clothes. Are they too big? Faded? Out of date? Tell him and let him do with it what he will. Hopefully, he’ll listen and let you get rid of all of the clothes you hate.

Help Him Find a Personal Style

Helping your man to find a personal style will help him to go shopping when he needs new threads. He might be reluctant, but finding a personal style will help you both to hone his style perfectly. You could create a pinboard and add outfits and people that he likes, then find a running theme.

Make Sure His Clothes Fit

There’s nothing worse than a man who wears clothes that don’t fit. Make sure his clothes fit him properly. Make sure his t-shirts, jeans, shirts, and especially suits all fit properly. Tailoring can help with this, but it isn’t always needed. Make sure he knows his size so he can shop for himself properly. Men can be useless when it comes to this. I know a man who used to wear shoes a size too big for him.

Find Him a Good Hairdresser

If you don’t like the barber your man currently visits, find him a good hairdresser that you trust to do a good job. Maybe advise him on a style you feel will suit him. There are a ton of styles around today, and not all of them look good. I mean, what is with that iced gem hairstyle so many men have?

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Does your man have unwanted hair that you just hate? Maybe he loves his beard but he won’t get rid of it. Maybe he has chest hair that stings your face while you’re trying to cuddle. Have a look into hair removal for men. Some men are are dubious about getting rid of hair as they feel girly, but this isn’t the case. Men are becoming more metrosexual than ever, and there’s no shame in it!  


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Your man doesn’t need to go and have a pretty pink polish on his nails. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with a manicure to tidy them up. A cut, file, and buff might be all he needs to make his hands look pretty. You could even encourage him to put hand cream on if his hands are quite rough. Tell him they’ll be much nicer to hold!

Encourage Exercise

Encourage your man to exercise and he should begin to shape up in no time. You could treat him to a bootcamp or a gym membership. Everybody should exercise. It helps to relieve stress, makes us look better, and has so many other benefits!

Eat Right

Cook meals so you and your man can eat right and avoid piling on weight. It’s really easy to pile on weight when you get comfortable in a relationship, but if you’re mindful of it, it won’t happen to you. Eat healthy foods and watch your intake of takeaways and junk.

Cut Down on Alcohol and Other Bad Habits

Lots of men like a drink after work, but encourage him to cut down on alcohol and other bad habits. At the very least, encourage him to drink something healthier, like a red wine with dinner.

Improve Yourself Too

There’s nothing wrong with improving yourself too! If you begin to improve yourself along with him, he’ll feel more obliged to do it too. Go to the gym together. Cook together. Go shopping. Make sure you’re both taking good care of yourselves.

Use these 10 techniques to help your man fix up, and you’ll feel far more obliged to fix yourself up too. You might even become one of those power couples that everybody looks up to! Hope you liked this post – see you next time!

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