Summer has ended, Autumn is in full swing and the word Christmas is not far from everyone’s lips. Everyone is busy planning their Christmas lists and getting excited for mince pies and pumpkin spice lattes! Well, maybe just me, but never the less, Christmas planning can never start too early!

So, to kick off the start of the festive season we wanted to share with you something classic, beautiful really, and a little extra special. Essentially the perfect Christmas gift to treat yourself to, or to gift to someone you love.

This Bering Ladies’ Classic Watch is simply stunning. Understated and charming, its simplicity pairs well with so many different styles. The watch has a dark green face which is complemented by small crystal detailing and framed in rose gold. The strap, an elegant dark green.

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| The Art of Giving: Is a Watch the Perfect Gift? |

If you consider past the idea that a watch is a nice gift that is likely to be received well by whoever the recipient may be. You may well discover that in fact, the gifting of a timepiece can symbolise many different things.

A declaration of love and devotion, a symbol that you will always have time to give the recipient.

A sign of respect and commitment, a symbol that you are always willing to share your time.

A happy cherished memory, a symbol of a long and lasting friendship.

A wise lesson to learn and the hope that children will consider the time they have and use their minutes wisely…

and lastly…

a boost of confidence.

A symbol of beauty, class, style and elegance, because there is always time to make sure you feel nothing but fierce when you walk out of the door.

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