Learn How to Start Making Online Videos for Fun or Money

You can probably name at least one or two YouTube stars. And even if you don’t know any mega celebs who make their living...

You can probably name at least one or two YouTube stars. And even if you don’t know any mega celebs who make their living from online videos, you probably have some favourite video bloggers. If you think it looks like fun and you want to try your hand at it, it’s easy to get started. But it takes a lot of work to perfect this unique art, so if you want to be good at it, you have to work for it. To get started, follow this guide to find out how to launch your hobby or maybe even your career making online videos.


Pick a Theme

First you need to decide what sort of videos you want to make. Think about your interests and expertise, and which video bloggers you enjoy watching. Are you going to make funny short clips or informative how-tos? You could show your passion and knowledge for beauty and fashion or show people how to bake. You need to consider what the purpose of your videos is. Are you entertaining, educating or a combination of both? Maybe you’ll use your videos to review products or to talk about politics.


Money Maker or Hobby?

One of the most important things think about is whether you’re going to start making videos as a hobby or you want to make money from it. If you’re just doing it for fun, you probably still want people to watch them but you’ll be less worried about how you can earn an income from them. Making videos to make money can be very difficult, and you have to think about how to get brands to work with you.

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Short or Long?

You can choose to make short, quick videos or longer, more involved ones. Which ones you choose will depend on the purpose of your videos and who you’re trying to engage. It might also dictate which platform you want to use. If you create short videos, they’re perfect for giving quick updates or making funny sketches to share on social media. But longer clips are better if you want to be informative and more involved.


Learn Some Filming and Editing Skills

Once you know what you’re going to do, you need to learn how to record and edit your clips. Don’t worry if you’re not perfect at first. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it can take a while to get things right. Begin by having a decent camera, a clean background (not a messy bedroom) and a good microphone. Writing a script will help too, so you know exactly what you’re going to say.


Promote Your Videos

After uploading your videos, you need to get people to watch them. The way you go about this might change depending on whether you’re trying to make any money or not. It’s best if you can promote them without spending any money, but if you want to bring in an income you might be more willing to pay for advertising. Tell people about them on social media, comment on people’s blogs and include them on your own blog too.


It will take a lot of work before you’re making videos that look more professional. But eventually you could have hundreds and even thousands of fans.


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