Legally Blonde London – Review!

Ohmigod you Guys! If you’re looking for a night of fun at the theatre then head down to the Savoy in London. Read Girlie...

Ohmigod you Guys! If you’re looking for a night of fun at the theatre then head down to the Savoy in London. Read Girlie Gossip’s review after the jump!

Legally Blonde is the quintessential marmite musical – You’ll either fall completely in love with it or be left wondering ‘why?’. The show, based on the Amanda Brown novel and subsequent film, follows pampered sorority sweetheart Elle Woods as she hits the books and heads to Harvard law school to win back her ex boyfriend Warner Huntington III. With the help of her Delta Nu sorority sisters, hairdresser Paulette and geeky mentor Emmett, Elle sets out on a mission to lose her airhead image and prove herself to her peers.

The show is carried by its frivolous protagonist Elle Woods, portrayed in the London production by Gavin and Stacey star Sheridan Smith, who is both funny and engaging. Dressed head to toe in pink for the opening half of the show, it’s hard not to love her and the comedic wit between her and her Delta Nu sisters is nothing short of brilliant. Amy Lennox is particularly charming as sorority bubblehead Margot who keeps the audience laughing with her stereotypical Blonde characteristics. As the sisters tell us ‘every tragedy needs a Greek chorus’ and the musical is the same, they act as backing vocals and ensemble for a majority of the soundtrack and help Elle along her journey.

Legally Blonde the musical is aimed at women as much as the 2001 film is a chick flick and it has a very specific target audience – young women, which maybe explains why the older woman sat behind me turned to her husband and said ‘I thought it would have been more serious’ during the interval. It is then, of course, natural that the subplot in which Elle and her mentor Emmett Forrest fall in love steals the show. Emmett is the classic romantic comedy leading man, an underdog who helps Elle to show her true potential and theatre star Alex Gaumond plays him brilliantly and has the appeal to keep the women in the audience swooning.

The soundtrack is fun too, the show’s high energy stands for numerous dance performances and ‘Ohmigod you guys’ is the quirky satirical opening number that will echo in your head long after the show finishes. Granted this isn’t a musical masterpiece and some of the songs end before they have really begun but they are catchy, ‘Bend and snap’ and ‘Positive’ are some of the fan favourites. The choreography in the show is excellent – a particular highlight is the highly co-ordinated skipping routine headed by Aoife Mulholland as shamed Delta Nu alumni and fitness queen Brooke Wyndham during ‘whipped into shape’.

It is the cast that shape the musical, the set design isn’t overly grand and the Savoy theatre is intimate compared to some of the other theatres in the west end, therefore it is the energy and enthusiasm of the cast which makes Legally Blonde worth seeing. This isn’t a serious musical, far from it; it was designed to be a fun night out and to give the audience a night to remember. So if your looking for a good night out with the girls then this is it.

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Review by Lauren Winter

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