Long-Distance Dating – How To Make It Work

Although many people think long-distance dating won’t work out. However, true love always finds a way. People close to you will most likely advise against it and no one is saying it’s easy, but there are many success stories out there of couples who have defied the odds and made it work. Here are a few tips on how to make a long-distance relationship work for you.

Set Ground rules

Set some ground rules. For example, are you going to be exclusive? Is it okay for you both to go on dates with other people? Communication is also key, so set times when you will talk on the phone or message each other and commit to these times.

Communicate regularly

Even a “Good Morning” text can give you butterflies if you’re dating the right person. Communication is a huge part of any relationship and is especially important for long-distance dating. Make sure the person you’re dating knows they are on your mind.

Be A Bit Naughty

One of the biggest downsides to long-distance dating is the lack of physical contact you can have with the person you’re talking to. Keep the flame burning by being a little bit naughty! Send seductive pictures and sexual inuendos to keep the passion alive

Don’t be scared to look further afield

If you’re new to online dating and haven’t yet found that special someone in your area, don’t be scared to widen your search and try some Long-Distance Dating. So many of us sign up to online dating sites but keep the distance marker close to home. By doing this, you could be missing out on meeting your soul mate! There are many online dating sites aimed at cities all over the country. The Glasgow Dating Site, or Date Glasgow Singles, for example, allows anyone to join no matter where they are based. It’s worth looking a bit further out there to find the love of your life! The older we get, the harder it can be to believe we will find true love. “Mature Glasgow Dating” is packed with singles too! Proving that you’re never too old to find love.

Make Visits to each other

If you’re enjoying Long-Distance Dating but want to meet face to face, work out the halfway mark and take a look at any landmarks near that area which would suit both your interests to make sure the date goes smoothly. If things go well, you could make this a regular meeting spot.

Avoid Dangerous Situations

With any online dating, you should always follow the unwritten rules to keep yourself safe. Meet in a public place. Do some digging into who you are meeting to make sure they are who they claim to be. Facetime each other so you know you’re really talking to the person in the picture and always tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting.

Do Similar Things

To make Long-Distance Dating easier, do similar things when you’re missing each other. For example, take a walk or watch the same tv show or movie. Read the same book or take a relaxing bath. These small things will give you more to talk about and also help you feel better connected to each other.

Long-Distance Dating
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