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Oh my God, it is back!  LOST has returned with loads more twists and turns around every palm tree.  This penultimate 5th season, yes number 5, of this smash hit US programme (they do make the most extravagant dramas) hit our beloved UK screens on the 26th January and can we say that since that significant date on the 2009 calendar it has been a treat… We as a nation should be proud to air such a programme, yes it is US but damn isn’t it good.  It is like an extremely extended film drawn out for so long it should this horrible boredom cloud over your television life but it actually does the complete opposite.  It entertains, excites and excels in every possible way.

OK, so before I get carried away on the LOST front I’ll explain a few things.  For those who aren’t up to date or familiar with the show but you’re just enthralled by this article basically, if I can use that word with LOST:  people crash on island, people kidnapped by the ‘others’, weird things happen like dinosaur noises, polar bears and black smoke and the islanders find Desmond who we find out is a major player in the programme.  There is obviously a bit more to it then that but you get the gist.

The big question of the start of this season, at least, is:  When are they?  One minute the islanders are in the future, the next they are in the present, and then at times they are in the past and it all happens after a rather peculiar flash that is bound to give any normal human a shock.  However, it could be said that after falling from the sky in a plane, crashing in the sea and actually surviving these guys aren’t really any normal human being.

Now, here at Girlie Gossip we are quite bias about the whole thing really but we do understand if it isn’t your cup of tea (where that saying came from I don’t know).

As we are seeing new faces, old faces and new faces that will eventually be old faces, it will utterly confuse the heck out of you.  For example when Anna Lucia pops up again or when you see John Locke in a coffin, but know that this is LOST.  The islanders are no longer just LOST in the Pacific somewhere they are LOST in time as well and in some deep psychological way we as an audience are suppose to get LOST in our thoughts and mystification.  This undeniably brings us to the theories surrounding the show – what is it actually all about, why was there a polar bear on the island and how are they going to get back to the island?  If I knew all the answers I wouldn’t be writing this article but what I can do is give you the low-down on what we think at Girlie Gossip.

Well, the whole idea of it being purgatory and these guys are looking for redemption has been scrapped when Empire Film Magazine interviewed LOST creator Abrams.  However, I am going to steal a bit of a friend’s idea here but sssshhhh please do not tell her.  She put this theory to me that all the whispers in the jungle are the voices of the people that have been on the island in the past and the scary dinosaur-like noises could actually be a dinosaur.  If the island has been travelling through time then these ‘signatures’, as I like to call them, may have been stamped there but not in a physical state.  Now check that out for a bit of a theory.

Although it could just all be a design inside someone’s crazy head, maybe Hurleys?!?  The theory is sort of similar to the one from the Identity starring John Cusak, the idea that these characters are created from his imagination and are different parts of his personality.  To be honest it is hard to define the ending, however I have heard that Jack Shepard, the legend he is, has been scripted into the very last episode.  So ladies do not worry the hottie will still be there, ermmmm did I say that out loud.  Sorry!  But in all seriousness if you do love this show then get LOST in it’s time travelling escapades every Sunday evening on Sky One.

By Daniele Baron – Entertainment Staff Writer!

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