LUSH Christmas Gifts!

Wondering what to get for last minute gifts and stocking fillers this year? Take a look at some of the ‘sweet’ sounding gift ideas from LUSH below!

Much of this years inspiration for the Christmas range came from the traditional festive sweetshops in New York that are filled to the brim with colourful candy canes, lollies, decadent chocolate and marzipan sweeties. Taking this stimulus, Lush has created it’s own veritable cosmetic candy shop with products reminiscent of sweetie favourites, but made from deliciousfresh ingredients instead, so you can overindulge all you like and still fit into your Christmas party dresses!

NEW! Magic Wand reusable bubble bar (£4.95 for 100g) … this brand new invention is a magical pink star-shaped bubble bar on a wand to swish around the bath for Snow Fairy scented bubbles! It’s made with themulti-use bubble bar mixture, so lasts for many baths making it great value for money. Simply swish it around in the water for a skin softening, vanilla scented soak and a mound of candy bubbles. Then pop it on the side for use another time … just like magic! Patent pending.

VeganCandy Cane soap (£2.75 for 100g) … a giant, stripy, pink and whitecandy cane shaped soap! Fragranced to smell exactly like a candy cane, itcontains English peppermint oil and the sweet, cherry scent of almond oil. Hmmm, delicious!

VeganCandy Mountain bubble bar (£2.35) … This pink and whitestriped, candy scented mountain of a bubble bar is reminiscent of the traditional festive candy. Crumble under running water for masses of comforting, skin softening vanilla scented bubbles – it’s a great calorie-free alternative!

VeganPow Wow lip scrub (£4.75) … a popping candy lip scrub! Scrub and buff your lips this winter with this gently exfoliating scrub, using popping candy to scrub the lips, organic jojoba oil to soothe redness and soreness and argan oil to soften and moisturise the perfect pout.  There’s also a hintof caffeine powder to help keep you kissing all night long – grab thatmistletoe!

Vegan OLD FAVOURITES Angel’s Delight soap (£2.50 for 100g) … if you’re a fan of thepopular Angel’s Delight dessert then you’ll love this classic Lush soap. Ayummy pink soap, adorned with stars, moons and all things glittery –tangerine oil, orange oil and gardenia oil provide the sweet, jelly baby fragrance and also really work to cleanse, refresh and detox the skin.

VeganSnow Fairy shower gel (£3.25 for 100g; £5.95 for 250g; £9.95for 500g) … a perpetual hit with everyone (men and women, young and old) around the world and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it. Candyflosspink and with a sweet, magical scent of soothing and comforting vanilla, theflecks of iridescent glitter leave you shimmering.

VeganSnow Fairy lip tint (£4.25) … a lip tint and balm in one, this hasthe same scent and colour as Snow Fairy shower gel, which leaves thelips a pretty pale pink. Can also be used as a cream blusher toaccentuate the cheekbones and give that healthy winter glow. Madewith nutritious murumuru butter to soften the lips and flavoured withraspberries, sherbet and icing sugar … it tastes as delicious as it looks!

VeganTo purchase these festive treats and many more visit Lush shops nationwide fromOctober 2011. For shop details and mail order, call 01202 668 545. Or, order on-line at

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