Have A ‘LUSH’ Valentine’s Day

Have A ‘LUSH’ Valentine’s Day

The best thing about LUSH has to be the fact they are strictly against animal testing. They have a huge fantastic range of products made with the finest essential oils. LUSH are based in Dorset UK but they have stores all over the world! When my Lots Of Love Box turned up yesterday I could smell the gorgeous scents before I even opened it! Lush carefully package their bath bombs in polystyrene pieces so when I opened up the box it was kind of like a lucky dip to find what they sent me!

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

In the Lots Of Love Box you will get:

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

As you place this bath bomb into your bath, it instantly starts to fizz and your bath is filled with tiny hearts. Infused with Vanilla and Brazilian orange oil, this rejuvenating bomb will most definitely leave you feeling refreshed!

French Kiss Bubble Bar

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

This relaxing bubble bar’s main ingredients are lavender & Rosemary. I suffer from high anxiety so this very relaxing bar was needless to say, my favorite. It will leave you feeling very blissful and also helps you to sleep better at night. Unlike the bath bombs, the bubble bars can last for 2-3 baths rather than just the one. Soak all your troubles away with a french kiss!

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

The gorgeous mix of rose oil and cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling super soft and smooth. When you crumble the bubbleroon into your bath, the smell hits you straight away and turns your bath water a beautiful pink colour. You will leave the bath smelling like a bunch of roses and your skin will stay smooth for days after.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

I absolutely loved this one! When the bath bomb starts to fizz it lets out real rose buds into your bath along with the amazing smell of geranium and jasmine. These smells combined are gorgeous and linger on your skin making you smell like a bunch of flowers all day.

Sex Bomb

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

This has to be the prettiest of them all. I love the way they have done the rose in the middle, and the colour it leaves the bath is lovely! The sex bomb is made with relaxing ingredients including ylang ylang oil, jasmine absolute and clary sage oil. This is another fantastic bomb for anxiety and stress sufferers.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar 

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

The kids adored this bubble bar especially my daughter who is obsessed with ponies and unicorns and all things girly. Again, the bubble bar lasts for 2-3 baths rather than just then one. You simply break a bit off and crumble it into your bath. The unicorn horn includes lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, neroli oil. After bathing the kids with this very colourful bubble bar, they were so relaxed and slept right through the night!

All in all, I give the Lots Of Love Box a 10/10. You will never be disappointed when buying from LUSH.

Have A 'LUSH' Valentine's Day

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