Luxury Item of the Week – 24-karat gold and diamond 3G iPhone

It seems that nothing escapes the ‘Bling’ craze that happens to every fashion accessory or piece of electrical equipment at one time or another, so it came as no surprise when I read about the possible release of this 24 karat gold and diamond encrusted iPhone 3G…

The 24 carat gold 3G iPhone is expected to launch in July, and will start from $800 for the 8gb gold edition and rise to £999 ($2000) for the 24ct gold & diamond edition.

Rumours are rife around the internet that this may not actually be as genuine as it first appears and that photoshop might have played a part in the creation of this but either way, if it was real and you could afford it would you buy one?

Via [Luxuo]

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