Magicbox Mi19 Affordable Alarm Clock Radio with Dock for iPod

Start the day your way; recharge your iPod whilst playing music, sleeping or simply wake up to your playlist.

The MagicBox Mi19 is ideal for the bedside with a programmable alarm clock, allowing a customised wake-up experience with choices of either music from an iPod, a radio station or a buzzer.

The FM radio, features auto and manual scan with nine presets and has sleep/snooze modes.

The backlit display screen’s outer ring allows selection from various sources, iPod or Radio, and an auxiliary line input for CD, MP3 or other portable audio players.
Delivering simplicity, the mirror-finished Mi19, offers convenient control of devices from a distance with a remote.

Measuring only 21.5cm x 18cm x 12.8cm the Mi19 won’t take up much space and at only £30 it makes a great gift.

Girlie Gossip loved how easy this product was to use, it sounds great, looks fab and works perfectly with our ipod when we tried it out. What more could we ask for?!

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