How to Make Healthy Habits More Fun

We all know we should be healthier. We know we should eat better, we know we should drink more water, and we know we should definitely be getting more exercise in than we do right now. Being healthier, however, seems to be synonymous with hard work, and that hard work is not welcome after a hard day. All you want to do is curl up in your sofa and ignore the rest of your responsibilities, like taking care of yourself. It’s a lot easier to order in than it is to make yourself dinner, after all, but that has to stop. For your health, for your beauty, for your lifespan, and for your mood, you need to become healthier. To do that, try making them more fun by following this guide:

Have a Mini-Spa, Every Day

We all love a good spa day, but when it comes to doing at-home spa treatments, we are rather lax. For some reason, many people equate putting effort into their skin’s health as a chore, when really it should be an opportunity for daily pampering. Invest in better products that feel and smell great, and have a miniature girl’s moment where you put effort into your looks. This could be something as complex as the 10-step Korean beauty routine, or it could just be a bi-weekly face mask on top of your regular wash and moisturize routine. Whatever routine you choose, take this moment to pamper yourself. Put nice music on, buy a scented candle, and relax.

Make Cooking Calming

If you cook before you’re hungry, you’d be amazed at what you have the patience for. Use a great portable laptop table and put a show on your tablet or laptop, and have a nice evening cooking. The calmer you are, the more methodological cooking can be, meaning not only will you nourish your body with healthy food, but you’ll also unwind and relax.

Read Before Bed

Though it could be tempting to binge watch a show throughout the night, try switching to reading. Not only can reading be enjoyable, but it can also help you focus and unwind. This is especially important with the way our electronics are changing our attention spans’. As a bonus, reading before bed means that you won’t be exposed to the blue-white light from your device. This light is what interrupts your circadian rhythm, meaning that the sleep you have after browsing your phone won’t be as deep or restful as one without.

Make Exercise Fun

No, you don’t need to go to the gym to get your exercise. Instead, you can explore. Go for walks, have fun with your friends, and more. If a bike ride through the park is much more enjoyable than the gym, do that. It doesn’t matter how you get your exercise in, just that you do.

Being healthy improves your mood, your body, and your longevity, which is why you need to invest in your health, starting today. Make it fun, and it will be an enjoyable pastime that benefits you today, tomorrow, and every day after.


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