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We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it is no wonder that the bedroom is one of the rooms in the home that we spend the most time in. As we are in the bedroom for such long durations, it is easy to spot when the room starts to look drab. If your bedroom is beginning to look a little boring, why not follow these tips to makeover your bedroom on a budget…

1) New Bed Linen

Sometimes simply updating your bed linen can transform the look of any bedroom. From vintage inspired floral prints to colourful geometric patterns, eye-catching duvet covers and pillowcases can act as statement focal features in any bedroom – taking attention away from any areas of the room that you don’t like.

2) De-clutter with Storage Furniture

Most people do not realise that having a tidy up is the perfect way to makeover a bedroom. If makeup and clothes have taken over your bedroom, storing them away in drawers and cupboards can leave you with a tidy and minimalist bedroom – giving the room an organised, new look. If you have small children, you may find that their bedrooms look constantly cluttered with toys, games and homework – choosing storage furniture such as children’s Thuka beds that feature handy underneath space for drawers and desks should keep the room perfectly de-cluttered.

3) Re-arrange Furniture

Another inexpensive way of giving your bedroom a makeover is to re-arrange the layout of the room. Moving cupboards and drawers as well as the bed can completely change the way that the room looks. Try to create an open space by placing furniture against the wall, the open space will not only give the room a new look but will also create a calm and de-cluttered feel.

4) Wallpaper a Feature Wall

If you fancy getting your hands dirty and re-decorating the room, wallpapering or painting an entire bedroom can be pricey. Most interior design fanatics favour the statement look and budget appeal of simply painting or wallpapering a solo wall. This will create a feature wall that will act as a stylish focal point, you can then continue the theme by taking colours from the wallpaper to add accents to the room such as photo frames, bed linen and curtains.

5) Buy a New Bed

Although buying a new bed isn’t technically working to a budget, there are plenty of cheap beds out there that can instantly update your bedroom. The short term cost of a luxury leather bed such as leather Hasena beds is a long term gain as a leather headboard will add contemporary style to any bedroom. If you choose a black leather bed, why not create a stunning monochrome décor effect with cheap black and white photo frames, patterned black and white bed linen and cushions.

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