Girlie Gossip March Favourites.

。。。 NICE Biscuit Cushion 。。。 I am so in love with this adorable ‘NICE’ biscuit cushion. As the saying goes, “if you feel like there is...

。。。 NICE Biscuit Cushion 。。。

I am so in love with this adorable ‘NICE’ biscuit cushion. As the saying goes, “if you feel like there is something missing in life, it is almost always a biscuit,” and with this delightful pillow, you will never have to be without one. It is a really nice size so would be suitable for your bed or your sofa. It has a smooth cover, (it has an almost faux leather feel, but a little softer,) and the cushion inside is dense and sturdy. Overall, I think this cushion is super cute and fun, and it makes me happy when I look at it. There is also a bedding set available in the same pattern if you want to take it a step further.

。。。 Cat Earrings 。。。

I was fortunate enough to stumble across these little beauties in a Super Cute subscription box this month and I think they are the sweetest things. Sadly, because these were part of a monthly box I had to find a similar pair. I have also linked Super Cute Box below so if you love these sign up for the subscription for more of the same.

Find similar here.

。。。 Honey Pot Lanterns 。。。

These honeypot lanterns come as a set. You place your tea light candles inside and they give off a lovely warm glow. Each of the honeypots has a sweet wooden charm attached with twine. The slogan reads, “Bee Happy.” These would make a fantastic addition to any lounge, kitchen, bedside table or garden patio.

。。。 Planet Spa Trio 。。。

I am a HUGE fan of the Planet Spa range. The scents of all of the products are divine; subtle, fresh and uplifting. This month I have been using the Refreshing Harmony shower foam, face mask, and moisturiser, and I have not been disappointed. Planet Spa products are cool and gentle on the skin so if you have sensitive, dry, red or inflamed skin then have at it.

。。。 Satsuma Sugar Scrub 。。。

This satsuma sugar scrub was another subscription box favourite. It arrived in a Perfect Pamper Box but it is also available to buy from their online shop. The sugar scrub is for use in the bath and shower and it contains real orange seed oil. The smell is incredible! It is handmade and contains no SLS or parabens which makes it a perfect option for those of you who have sensitive skin.

。。。 Dinosaur Egg Cups 。。。

These dinosaur egg cups from Red Candy are so cool. They would make an awesome Easter gift! There are three different egg cups available, the Diplodocus, the T-Rex and the Triceratops, each one a different colour. So make your Easter breakfast, and all breakfasts to come the highlight of your day with the ‘egg-cellent egg cups.’

The funky origami design would make an unusual gift for all dinosaur lovers, or film buffs, or basically, anyone who has a desire for something a little different. The egg cups are made with porcelain and they all have their own matching gift box. Which are, (arguably) just as cool as egg cups themselves.

Dimensions: (in cm)

Diplodocus: 14 x 10 x 10 / T-Rex: 15 x 12 x 12 / Triceratops: 13 x 6 x 6

We currently have a competion on our Facebook Page to win a set of these – Ends 10.04.2017.

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