Get The Best Night’s Sleep Ever With Hilary Devey By Duvalay


Voted no 1 best mattress by The Independent.

The clever people over at Hilary Devey (as seen on Dragon’s Den) have created the ultimate form of comfort with this luxurious mattress. Using only the finest materials of silk, cashmere and cotton, these exquisite mattresses make you feel like royalty every bedtime.

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For the last month or so…

we have been trying out the Emerald pillow top mattress and we have not been disappointed. My first impressions were that this is the biggest mattress I have ever seen! The pillow top allows you to sink further into the mattress and you drift off into the best night’s sleep you will ever have.

I highly recommend the Emerald to anyone who may have trouble sleeping. If I’m honest, we have actually been late quite a few mornings. We slept right through our alarm due to being such a deep blissful sleep. The mattress is an amazing size. On Christmas morning when the kids came running in with their stockings and there was enough room for all of us and all the presents Santa had brought.

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The stylish design and lavish silk materials really adds a touch of glamour to your bedroom. Also, the mattress also includes added air vents on the border along with vertically bonded Lambswool fibres. This is to increase the airflow and keep everything cool & breathable. The sophisticated mattress has the perfect finish with hand tufted wool rosettes and traditional hand-side stitching. So, be sure to head over to their website and browse the full range of pure luxury that they have to offer.

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