Me to You Tatty Puppy!

Tatty Puppy – Your New Loyal Friend for both Your Real and Virtual Life!

They say dogs are a man’s best friend – they’re loyal, loveable and always by your side – and the new Tatty Puppy (RRP £12.99) certainly proves these words are true! Not only will the playful puppy come bounding into your real life, he will follow you into the virtual world too.

Tatty Puppy is the new shaggy grey dog with a blue nose. Cute and cheeky, he comes with a ‘Puppy Owner’s Certificate’ so you can choose Tatty Puppy’s name, likes and dislikes and favourite puppy tricks, whether it’s sit, stand or hide. And should Tatty Puppy decide to go walkies alone, don’t worry – he will make his way home safely as the certificate shows he belongs to you! For the ultimate puppy love you can give Tatty Puppy a home with his very own kennel (RRP £0.99) and style him with a Tatty Puppy dog collar (RRP £3.99), to make sure he is leading the way with the latest puppy trends.

He’s also sure to leave his paw prints all over the virtual world, as Tatty Puppy comes with a unique code that allows him to be ‘unlocked’ online. Owners can type in the online code at, the exciting new free-to-play internet game, to bring Tatty Puppy to life. Treat him kindly and he’ll even perform tricks for his friends, Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends. is a safe place for kids to play the free Me to You My Place game that is already available on Facebook, which is full of activities from farming vegetables to harvesting trees, to treasure seeking and looking after My Blue Nose Friends. It also gives children the opportunity to interact with friends and family on Facebook and but all within the parent’s control. Not only that, the website also provides fun and educational mini games that will allow children to train their brain in different areas and for a membership of only £4.95 per month players can unlock exclusive locations, find member-only My Blue Nose Friends, have energy that refills twice as fast and much more.

Tatty Puppy can’t wait to play with you, so give him a home today and you’ll have a loveable, loyal best friend that will follow wherever you may lead.

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