Millennial brides can’t switch off as 84% are using social media on their wedding day!

• 78% announce their engagement on social media within 24 hours, whilst a further 11% share it digitally within a week.
• 67% of women use Pinterest and have a wedding board before they are even engaged.
• 42% planning a wedding claim that looking at others social media wedding posts makes them feel anxious for their own big day.

It has been reported that 90% of those getting married in 2017 are millennials. For millennials, an everyday experience, no matter the occasion is captured by social media channels, with an app for every need.

Typically, the term “Facebook official” is not something we hear now, and among ‘twentysomethings’, it is rarely a done thing. However, milestones still seem to be celebrated on Facebook, with 78% announcing their engagement on social media within 24 hours. Whilst a further 11% share it digitally within one week.

Through a survey of 837 brides… sought to uncover the influence of social media channels and how it has changed the typical wedding routines. With the help of social media channel Pinterest, future brides lose themselves when planning their weddings, with 78% utilising it for inspiration for the big day, compared to just 21% of men.

Furthermore, 67% of women using Pinterest have a wedding board before they are even engaged – unsurprisingly, statistics allude that as much as 900 million wedding inspired pins are saved each year.

However, social media does not always help future brides to dream up their perfect day. found that 42% of brides planning a wedding claim that looking at social media wedding posts from other people makes them feel anxious for their own.

In a recent study in 2016 by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, it was claimed that millennials who use more social media are 2.7 times more like to get depression, that those who don’t. This highlights the potential mental health implications and anxieties that social media may have on upcoming brides.

Moreover, revealed some startling facts:

• 84% of people use social media on the day of their wedding
• 19% of digital addicts use their phones during their wedding party!
• 64% of Brits request their guests to use a unique hashtag when uploading Instagram photos
• 11% admit they would rather not have photos shared of their wedding posted online
• 7% of people request their wedding be unplugged

The 8 rules of digital wedding etiquette:

1. As a wedding guest, be sure to check that the bride and groom have not requested an unplugged wedding.

2. Do not post a photo of the bride under ANY circumstance before the wedding starts.

3. As long as the tipsy best man’s speech may be, be sure not to be tempted to scroll through social media whilst they are talking.

4. Gained 247 likes on your new engaged relationship status? Do not feel you must invite them all to your wedding.

5. Keep your wedding hashtag short and sweet.

6. As a bride or groom, put your phone away on a special day. With all your family and friends around you, you don’t need to be worried about liking ex-colleague Jane’s latest pictures from Tenerife.

7. If you are feeling anxious for your big day, do not compare yours to other people’s wedding uploads – envy is your worst enemy.

8. Embrace it! From the Pinterest board planning to the photos afterwards, social media may help capture the memories that wedding planners and photographers might not.


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