Missed X Factor this week?!


Then look no further! – 5th September ’09 – Saturday night I was at Cardiff Glee Club and the first thing the Compare said to the audience was:
“Thank you so much for coming out tonight rather than staying in and watching X Factor. *Pause* Wow. Literally half of the audience just turned to their partner and whispered “you have sky plused it right?””

Of course he was right; I have it on series link!

We’ve had two more weeks of X Factor now and I have still not found anyone who I actually like enough to pick up the phone and vote for – where is my Rhydian?! I know, we’re only three weeks in and we only see about 10 auditions each episode, out of the thousands that audition, but I just want more!

I’ve also decided I don’t like the fact that it’s live, I’m sure the atmosphere is a lot more amazing but I don’t feel we’re getting enough out of peoples first audition and I feel the judges aren’t as interesting this year, possibly because they’ve got a whole crowd drowning them out most of the time – with the exception of Simon Cowell of course!

My favourites of week two were The Stunners – oh how I love the truly deluded ones! There was Jamie “Afro” Archer, who even had Simon Cowell singing along to “Sex is on Fire” – my favourite part of the episode! A group that was a cut above the rest was “Misfits”, who starred Gemma from 2006 auditions, they sung a jazz version of Britney Spears “Toxic” and looked fabulous.

I shed a tear, or 10, to Daryl Markham, whose brother died of cancer recently – something the X Factor sickenly thrives off, but aside from the heartbreak his voice was strong, controlled and meaningful, most of all though, he used his passion and emotion to his advantage and sung totally from the heart, which is what really made him stand out in my opinion. Fingers crossed to Daryl and his nephew Kieran who made the cutest appearance on X Factor I have ever seen!

This week was quite dull and felt really short! Too much of Cardiff selling “Cowell Cods” and not enough auditions I think! There was the excellent performance of “I will always love you” by 18 year old, Lucie Jones, who sung the song with absolute ease; a totally strange performance by the very weird Fouad Djaoublia, who had quite the obsession with Mariah Carey and tried to sing her song in a mix of languages that Cowell said “it was a language that had never been heard or invented yet”, after he spent the French man’s audition laughing into his cup – brilliant!
Cowell also brought the otherwise dull show alive with his Cupid skills by reuniting a young Welsh couple, from deep in the Valleys, back together. They couldn’t sing a note but they had split up just three days before and so he took it into his hands to turn a flat audition into a bit excitement – cue awws from the crowd! The romance still wasn’t enough to get through to the next round though!
The rest of the episode was made up with a load of boring, untalented and unfunny performances, apart from a 16year old lad Lloyd Daniels who would get the teenage girl vote for sure.

Let’s hope they are just saving the best audition till last, because this series doesn’t look too great right now. Personally, I think they’ve taken away the spine-chilling essence that an incredible voice brightening up the tiny audition room could create and it has taken away the initial connection the viewers at home get with the auditionees. Having a large audience in doesn’t work for me at all, everything feels fake; on a positive note, I am looking forward to seeing the woman and her dog’s duet!!

As always, thanks for reading.
Anna-Louise x

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