The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016   Scottie Dog Watch From House of Watches When my Radley Scotty dog watch arrived, I felt like...

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016


Scottie Dog Watch From House of Watches

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

When my Radley Scotty dog watch arrived, I felt like a kid a Christmas. This Beautiful elegant watch is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Being a huge dog lover, I absolutely loved this watch. The strap are genuine leather and the colour is neutral so it can be worn with any outfit. The detail of the flowers on the Scottie dog is stunning. Radley do a huge selection of luxury watches, but this one has to be my ultimate favourite.

When I went out with the girls for lunch today, I had so many compliments and people asking where I got my watch from! I have quite slim wrists so I quite often find it difficult to get a watch that doesn’t look like it’s going to fall off. The Radley watch fitted perfectly and comfortably. I honestly didn’t want to take it off.

The price of this watch is £85 which is very reasonable for something of such high quality. With many more exquisite watches on the House Of Watches website to choose from, I know exactly what I’ll be asking for when my birthday comes around. Our mum’s deserve the best so I highly recommend treating your mum to this beautifully crafted watch. You can buy the watch HERE along with a huge range of other gorgeous watches, there is something to suit everyone.

Monsoon Rose Gold

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Monsoon Rose Gold is officially my new favourite scent! When I unboxed this amazing perfume, the gorgeous smell hit me instantly and I was hooked. I now wear this on a daily basis and I have received several compliments from friends and even random strangers!

Monsoon Rose Gold Eau De Parfum consists of sparkling lemon, soft fruit and ozonic scents that are layered with velvety rose, tuberose, neroli and cyclamen, and underpinned with base notes of Eastern woods, vanilla, mosses, musk and balsamic amber.

The fragrance is very sweet but musky at the same time and is perfect for day or night wear. You don’t need to use very much of the perfume as it’s quite strong and it also lasts all day. Monsoon Rose Gold would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. You can buy it HERE

My Beanies Choc Mini Stash

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

We all love a good coffee, but what makes coffee even better? Chocolate of course! Chocolate Coffee! Need I say more? I never even knew this stuff existed but I’m so glad I have discovered this amazing taste. Why not wake your mum up this Mother’s Day with a Chocolate Coffee in bed! With three different flavours: Chocolate Orange, Mint Chocolate and Double Chocolate. There is something for every chocolate and coffee lover to indulge in.

My favourite has to be the mint chocolate one. Not only do you get your caffeine and chocolate fix but it also leaves a fresh minty taste. If you haven’t already tried these fabulous chocolate coffees then what are you waiting for? Honestly, what could be better 😉 Grab yours HERE.

Personalised Slate

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Being a very sentimental person who keeps every little picture my kids do for me, I was so chuffed with my personalised slate. The slate is very heavy and amazing quality. The heart shape is clean cut with beautiful edges and the surface is uneven which gives it a really nice natural authentic look. The print on the slate looks very well printed and there’s no sign of it coming off anytime soon. I absolutely love the quote, it really touched my heart. This would be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift that any mum would treasure forever. You can buy the personalised slate HERE.

Personalised Apron

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

I got this personalised apron for my mum and she hasn’t seen it yet, so for all of you who know us, shhhhh!

Usually, when I buy personalised gifts for my mum, they tend to spell her name wrong even if I specifically write it down. My mum’s name is Carolanne but on many occasions, we have had it misprinted as Caroline or Carol-Ann. I was pleasantly surprised when the apron turned up with the correct spelling, so thank you Buy A Gift!

I really love the font of the writing on the apron and the quality of the material feels nice. If your mum loves to cook then this would be a fantastic gift this Mother’s Day. You can buy the Apron HERE.

Personalised Mixing Bowl

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

For some reason, my camera didn’t want to focus today so I had to take two pictures so you can see the personalisation on the bowl below…

This vintage style mixing bowl is so sweet. I love the personalisation. I do quite a bit of baking with the kids and we all love a bit of cake. The bowl is very solid and heavy so you can tell it’s top quality. I think It would be nice to have more of a variety of colours but never the less it’s a great gift and I’m sure any mum who likes to bake would really love this. You can personalise with up to 40 characters. You can buy the bowl HERE.

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Orelia Jewellery

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Orelia offer a wide selection of unique jewellery on their website. They have a stunning selection of silver, gold and rose gold bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. When it comes to jewellery, I don’t like to wear anything too big and bulky so I really fell in love with the simple, dainty designs that Orelia have created. I also really like their cute little gift cards. It’s such a sweet idea and a really unique gift for Mother’s Day you can even give it that personalised touch by creating your own jewellery on their website! Not many places offer that! I highly recommend having a browse on their fabulous website HERE

Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi Set

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

I’ve heard from many of my beauty obsessed friends about how amazing Scholl products are so I had to try it out for myself. Personally, my feet are actually quite smooth already but I do get a touch of hard skin on my heel that I have been trying to shift for years with various creams and files. With spring and summer around the corner, I want to be able to wear my sandals without feeling self-conscious of what my feet look like.

I was absolutely amazed at how quickly the diamond pedi removed the hardened skin on my heel and my feet were instantly smooth and soft. I then applied the intense serum which made my feet even smoother! This is the perfect pamper gift for Mother’s Day and I can promise you she won’t be disappointed! You can buy the Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi Set HERE.

Jockey Clothing


Treat your mum to some luxury pyjamas or lounge wear so that she can enjoy Mother’s Day in comfort and style. Jockey Clothing have a huge range of different styles to suit everyone and the gorgeous material is so soft and cosy. I highly recommend checking out their full range HERE.

We hope all you amazing mums get something special this Mother’s Day!

 The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

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