Mother’s Day Gifts Under £5 From Home Bargains

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Stunning Mother’s Day Gifts From Home Bargains


 When I first saw the prices of these gorgeous gifts, I honestly thought there had been a mistake! The quality of these Mother’s Day goodies is amazing and if you’re on a budget but still want to treat your Mum, Home Bargains is the place to go! First off, the “Sleeping Beauty” sleep mask is only £1.49 and it feels like velvet. The font that is used is so pretty! Next up is the Compact mirror in a stunning Rose Gold colour. It’s only £1.99 and is perfect for Mum to keep in her handbag.

If your Mum loves stationary, the notebook and pen make fantastic gifts. Again, the quality blows my mind. Priced at £1.69 for the notebook and £1.99 for the Rose Gold pen, you can’t go wrong! The super cute heart pendant is only £1.99 and is a perfect sentimental gift for Mum to wear every day. Every Mum loves chocolate and the scrumptious chocolate shaped heart is only 99p!


There is more…

For lovers of everything marble, this set of 3 candles with Rose Gold writing (Dream, Love, Wish,) is absolutely irresistible. They smell incredible too and they’re just £1.99!!! For those Mums who love to pamper themselves, the hand care kit is the one to buy. The beautiful packaging alone is rather eye-catching and the hand lotion has such an amazing sweet smell to it. At only £1.29 it is a fantastic bargain. You can also get the bath bomb to match at only 69p!!

Again, if it’s chocolate you’re looking for then these mouth-watering chocolate tulips are the perfect gift. It’s like getting flowers and chocolates together and they’re just £1.99! The cutest gift of all has got to be the “Picture For Mummy” clip magnet. A perfect way to proudly display your kid’s artwork on the fridge and it’s only 49p! Last but not least is the cute cuddly bear in his little gift bag with his cute little ribbon. This one will definitely melt Mums heart. At just £1.99 how can you not give this little bear a home?

We highly recommend checking out the full range at Home Bargains this Mother’s Day and while you’re there, check out their Easter collection too!!

Hope all you Mums have an amazing Mother’s Day <3

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