Mother’s Day – Say it with Gin!

We’ve taken great pleasure in bringing you the biggest and best gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year. With the big day fast approaching we’ve spotted some beautiful bottles that would make for ideal Mother’s Day gifting!

With Gin now being a much more fashionable and chic drink and shedding its dated reputation, it is good to see that manufacturers are creating fun and sophisticated bottles to match!

Over at 31Dover they have an amazing selection of Gin and Spirits that would work really well.


Sipsmith Gin has 10 root botanicals involved in the creation. These are sourced from all over the world, including juniper berries from Macedonia and cinnamon from Madagascar. They are then blended with Lydwell Spring pure water to create its dry and zesty finish.You’ll taste faint flavours of orange marmalade and lemon tart in your G&T.

Bombay Sapphire has the trademark, beautiful blue bottle and is flavoured with the finest Juniper berries from Tuscany, these remain at the heart of the Gin’s flavour, bringing out its much loved dry and herbal tang.

Bloom Gin has a stunning and delicate looking floral bottle and slightly different botanicals as inspiration, Bloom contains honeysuckle, chamomile and even pomelo fruit to provide a certain sweetness to the Gin.

If you haven’t bought anything yet then don’t panic, as are taking orders up until 4pm Friday for delivery on Saturday! Phew!

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