Every year there are certain brands that bring out the BEST selection of Christmas products. One of those just has to be LUSH. This year they are back once again with their exciting and beautifully packaged Christmas gift set boxes and we’ve picked three of our top favourites to show you.First up is the quite frankly AMAZING ‘Jolly Holly Days‘ Christmas gift box from Lush:

Jingle bells, fruity smells, a shower gift for you! ‘Yule’ have a jolly hollyday using these shower treats.

It’s refreshing and uplifting – great for defying winter mornings in cold England or freshening up on the beach in Oz! We also firmly believe that hollydays should always be jollydays so we created a gift to help maintain said merriment!

Priced at £25.50 

Stunning packaging complete with a festive jingly bell and bright red ribbon!

The White Christmas gift set from Lush is an absolute top pick from their range this year.

Baby, it’s cold outside – so stay in and unwrap this selection of comforting, cosy and warming treats instead.

This collection of comforting cuddles was created to soothe, moisturise and soften. Often shower collections are uplifting, but this is for those who like gentle and sweet indulgences too! White Christmas is the perfect gift to delve into on those mornings when being snuggled up in a duvet seems like the only sensible course of action – you’ll love all that comforting vanilla and soothing rose!

Priced at £30.95

The Winter Wishes gift set is simple, classic and completely desirable!

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of your favourite things (and a brand new shower gel you won’t have tried yet!)

This fresh line up will help to defy winter blues – like a Christmas Ray of Sunshine!

As Ale would say, there’s a little bit of everything in this gift; with a massage bar, a shower gel and 2 soaps!

Full of lots of products to keep you smiling with refreshing scents – Each Peach, Snowglobe and Ponche. You’d be hard pressed to not have a big grin!

Priced at £15.50

You can view the full LUSH product selection on their official website: www.lush.co.uk or in store.

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