Must-Have Toys For Christmas 2020

With Christmas fast approaching, children everywhere have already started writing out their wishlists for Santa. As we know from previous years, the most wanted gifts often get snapped up early and can quickly go out of stock from major retailers.

This week, we came across an EPIC website called WICKED UNCLE who not only stock some of the hottest, most wanted toys, they also have everything categorised into age ranges making it even easier to find the perfect gifts this Christmas. Below we have listed off a few best-sellers.

Smart Ball – Counts Keepy Uppys for you!

For Footy fans everywhere, this is the perfect gift this Christmas. This clever interactive ball lights up and keeps count of your keepy upps all the way to 100. This super cool football lights up with each touch and has a built-in speaker that shouts out your score. Perfect for practising solo or challenging your friends to beat your score.

Horrible Histories – The Board Game

You’ve read the books, you’ve watched the T.V Show, You’ve seen the movie, play the board game! Not only is the Horrible Histories board game super fun, but it’s also really educational too. This board game is crammed with foul facts, jokes and questions. Take a journey through history and learn all about the Rotten Romans, Vile Victorians. There are over 600 questions but beware of cheeky Rattus and his Horrible Chance cards.

Neon Effect Message Frame – Lights Up

Teens can be the hardest to buy for at any time, and Christmas is no exception. Luckily, Wicked Uncle has an epic selection of gifts that teens will LOVE. For example, this light-up neon message board is a huge hit. Doodle away or write your favourite quote and see it light up the room. The frame also comes with super vibrant pens in pink, green and orange too.

Giddy Up and Play – Soft Pony with Sound

If you’re buying for a little one this Christmas, look no further than the Giddy Up and Play – Soft Pony with Sounds. This super cute pony promotes constructive play and effortless learning with multi-sensory points located all over. Pony makes trotting and neighing sound when you squeeze the crinkle fabric ears. He also has a flower mirror, clicking horseshoes and spinning rattle just to name a few. This pony really does have everything and makes the perfect gift for growing little ones.

Air Shot – Floating Target Game

Back by popular demand, the Air Shot – Floating Target Game was a huge hit last Christmas too and has made a comeback on Christmas lists for 2020. This awesome target game offers hours of fun. The Hover shot comes with two guns making it a perfect competitive game. Who can hit the most balls off first? Take aim and FIRE away!

Bath Bomb Factory – So Bomb DIY

Make your bath super sparkly and colourful with your very own bath bombs. Pick your scent, colour, sparkle and away you go. You can even hide a toy surprise in the middle so that as your creation is fizzing away, you also get a toy to play with while you’re in the bath! It only takes 30 minutes to prepare a bathtime extravaganza and there are enough ingredients for SIX bath bombs.

All in all, we’re super impressed with Wicked Uncle and give the popular website FIVE STARS.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Wicked Uncle

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