Must See Summer Blockbusters 2009!


Summer is finally on its way and whether you have a break from studies or a holiday booked at work there are some great blockbusters on the way that you simply must check out! Already Star Trek, Wolverine: X Men Origins and Angels and Demons are making more money than ever with people swapping eating out for eating in and enjoying the cinema as a cheaper form of entertainment; but many more hot films are on their way and just to make your social lives a lot simpler, here’s your Summer 2009 film guide:

Bit of a giggle!

It’s just you and your best friend, the weather isn’t exactly beach/park friendly and you need something to fill the time…
So why not go and see Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsoniam; starring Ben Stiller as the museum security guard, Larry Daley! With the help of Owen Wilson, Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais this Hollywood cast should have us giggling like a bunch of school girls! It’s got comedy, history and romance – what more could you want from Stiller!
It is released 20th May so if you’ve got a rainy day on your hands then grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy!

First Date Film!

So you’ve had your eye on this guy for a while and now you’ve got your chance, he’s not officially yours just yet but hopefully by the end of the night he will be! Terminator Salvation: The future begins” is perfect, any scary bits and there is a perfect opportunity to grab his hand in a fearful motion!
On the 4th June we will see John Conner finally grown up in extremely sexy form of Christian Bale! It is set in post-apocalyptic 2018, although it’s all quite confusing it will be interesting to see how the future has altered to what Conner was expecting (from the description in Terminator 2).
Basically, lots of action scenes + Mr Bale = Perfect for boys and girls! Also, you’ll get good brownie points for choosing such an awesome film!

Group of Friends!
You’ve got guys and girls all wanting to go to the cinema but what film should you see? Nothing too girly! Nothing too scary! Nothing too silly! What’s the perfect in-between? Transformers: Revenge of the fallen!
It is released on 24th June and is sure to be one of the Summer’s best hits, after Transformers ruled our screens in Summer ’07. Although the battle for Earth has ended, the battle for the universe has just begun and with this second epic battle comes some surprises for the Autobots! It’s got action, sci-fi and the beautiful Megan Fox, so if your aiming to please everyone this is my tip for this Summer!

Keeping the kids happy!
The kids are with you for the day and they are starting to drive you quite mad with their unbelievable amounts of energy, so why not give them a slush puppy and take them to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, which is sure to keep them quiet for a minimum of two hours!
From 1st July our old friends Sid, Scrat, Manny and Ellie are back, but life is changing and they are forced to run from danger when Sid makes some Dinosaurs angry! The latest edition to the cast is Simon Pegg, the voice of a one-eyed Weasel, who will add to the laugh-out-loud moments to the already hilarious animation.

The long-term couple!
Very long, possibly doesn’t make sense if you’ve not read the book and a little bit out of this world! If you’re anything like me and my boyfriend then there is one Harry Potter lover and one that isn’t so fond of the wizard and his three hour long films! So Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a good answer to an otherwise boring Tuesday night in and to be a good partner you or your other-half are just going to have to stick it out and get your own way next time you decide to hit the cinema!
On 16th July Harry is going to be diving into the past to unearth Lord Voldemorts weakness in order to defeat him; it’s going to be darker and more action packed than ever and of course probably the biggest film of the year if the past Harry Potter numbers are anything to go by! So re-read the sixth book quick so you can be on top form when spotting what major information the director has chosen to leave out this time; and if you haven’t been sucked into the craze you might as well see it just so you can join in the conversations at the pub and the office!

Enjoy and as always, thanks for reading!


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