Netflix Highlights Top ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ Film Titles

It goes without saying that ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ is taking over our lives and is everywhere at the moment! In light of this new craze we have been working closely with Netflix to compile the ‘50 Shades of Netflix’ – a list of sensual films that will satisfy the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ fan! If you have read the book and want more steamy action or you are just curious to learn more about this phenomenon, Netflix have got the perfect film titles that will satisfy your needs. A perfect way to spend a rainy weekend….
Titles include;

Secretary – A young woman who cuts herself gets a job working as a secretary for an attorney, and the two forge a unique relationship charged with sadomasochism. (2002, Twopoundbag Productions Double A Films SloughPond Co.)
Quills – The Marquis de Sade was a provocateur so addicted to words that he used his own blood to write salacious stories while locked away in an asylum. A doctor tries to prevent the Marquis from writing, but a worker is lured into taking his dictation. (2000, Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Sex and Lucía –Set on an idyllic Mediterranean island, Lucía retreats into her fantasies. (2001, Studio Canal Canal+ España)
Closer – A photographer seems content with her boyfriend, and a writer adores his quirky beloved. But they begin an affair, and a cascade of betrayal ensues. (2004, Columbia Pictures)
Casanova – Heath Ledger stars as the infamous, dashing player of 18th-century Venice who holds the key to every woman’s heart — every woman, that is, but one. (2005, Touchstone Pictures)

What are your favourite movies in this genre and more importantly WHO do you want to play Christian Grey in the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey Movie?

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