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Giles has been busy since we last talked, not content with being a successful actor, he has now started up his own film company…. some people have all the luck!

Hi Giles, how are you and what have you been up to since our last interview?
Hi guys, I’m well thank you. I’ve been pretty busy, which is great. I’ve been traveling a bit, doing a WW2 Film called ‘The Glasshouse’ in Romania with Jonas Armstrong, playing a nasty ass Nazi, getting scared witless in horror feature ‘Inside’ in London and been drinking more blood as a Vampire again, this time in Ollie Millburn’s ‘The Harsh Light of Day’ in Devon.

We hear you have recently set up your own production company Gold Films which sounds very exciting; can you tell us a bit about what prompted this?
I was always writing and getting involved in the other side the camera as I had directed a few plays I had written so it was the next logical step. I didn’t want to sit by the phone waiting for it to ring so me, Martin Owen and Charlie Wilkins set up Gold Films to make some shorts/ pilots as a calling call for our feature films which we’ve written to show investors what we could do on a small budget.

You have just finished directing something called Sports Day 3D, what can we expect to see from this?
This was very exciting for us as we are the first company to film a live action 3D drama in the country. Believe me it was very tough to organize with 20 odd crew and loads of school kids, but we managed it and the film’s turned out brilliantly well.

The story takes place at a school sportsday where our young hero Brain becomes involved in a bitter battle with his rival, Shaun Smith, to see who is the greatest sportsday athlete in the events of the Sack Race and the Egg and Spoon Dash.

After a food fight of epic proportions in the school hall between the the two competetors (and the rest of the school) we fast forward twenty years where an older Brain (Mark Benton) has to relive his knightmare with a Dad’s race against his old foe, Shaun (Danny Midwinter). The question is: Will Brian loose his bottle or will he finally overcome the obstacle that’s haunted him all these years… beating Shaun Smith?

We shot on two RED camera’s, using a mirror rig to balance the two images. In post, we’ve added a few special effects, courtesy of our 3D stereo expect Ralston Humble at Pablo Post, where cake’s, eggs and paper plates fly at us in wonderful 3D.

It’s a real joy to see and now we have a really top calling card, hopefully our investors will love it as much as we do and we can go into production on our 3D feature ‘The Parallax Estate 3D’ as pre-production is already underway.

What made you decide to film in 3D?
We realized how great the medium is and wanted to be the leaders in the market in the UK. I know others are already jumping on the bandwagon and with James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ hitting cinema’s soon, it’s going to be all the rage. Soon you won’t need the glasses and soon you’ll be able to watch 3D in your living room, it’s evolving that quickly this time round.

We hear you’ve also managed to squeeze in directing a sitcom pilot; it must have been a busy year for you! Tell us more about the sitcom and how you found yourself involved with this…

Well the sitcom ‘Barry Brown’ (The Life of a Stripper), is actually Gold Film’s first production. We wanted to make a sitcom that really pushes the boundaries of comedy, like Extra’s or Phoenix Nights before it, something that you can’t help but love and laugh with.

We’ve had screenings for the episode, which have gone down really well and now some companies are talking to us about a full series. The episodes are all mapped out and it’s ready to go.

It [The sitcom] follows the life of our hero Barry Brown, a guy who still thinks it is cool to be a stripper. He still ‘lives in the 90’s’ where stripping was accepted as a good form of entertainment. Dressing up as a Sailor or James Bond just to take his clothes off to screaming girls can be good for the ego but after a while the initial joy soon turns to boredom as Barry has to figure out what to do with his life.  We follow his dreams and disappointments as all the colourful characters we meet along the way become embroiled in Barry’s life in more ways than he could ever have expected. Directing this was a real joy. A lot of good friends were involved and at first I thought it might be daunting to ‘direct’ them but they were superb and we got some amazing and very funny footage.

So, does this mean we’ll see less of you on the screen in the future and more behind the camera, directing?

Not at all, I do love directing and producing and I’m working very hard with Gold Films to make us a success, but I’m still focused on acting.

Do you have a preference between the two?
I would say I love acting for the chance to live out someone else’s life and I love directing for the passion and the ability to create something that lasts forever. So no real preference.

What future projects do you have planned and what direction do you see your career headed?
Well, apart from working on ‘The Parallax Estate 3D’ we produced a few other shorts, one for Matt Crockford called Thrift Store: Voices, which made the Cannes short film corner and was screened there over the festival and the other is ‘If You See Her, Say Hello’ which was directed by Paul Purnell which we shot at Pinewood. It’s an excellent romantic short about two people meeting outside a coffee shop and hoping they don’t say the wrong thing to push the other away. It’s beautifully written and looks amazing. He’s got a bright future so we were happy to work with Paul. We’re pushing the festival circuit with this now.

Acting wise there are a few things lined up including working with director Toor Mian in ‘The Sky in Bloom’ which is a blistering noir thriller. Plus the 80’s comedy ‘Big Cats’ and Robin Jacob’s epic historical film ‘1066’ which should be filming next summer in Wales.

Career wise? I’m just glad to keep working. I can’t sit on my bum twiddling my thumbs, I like to keep moving and creating and enjoying the chance I have to do so.

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