New Moon Poster Unveiled!


The moment Twilight fans have been waiting for is here; the official posters for “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” have been released!

The first picture shows Edward the Vampire and Jacob, his love rival, back to back, with Jacob shielding Bella. The next poster introduces four Werewolves. The Twilight Saga: New Moon begins with Bella having a small accident on her birthday; however, the temptation for her blood is too much for the Cullens who leave Forks immediately; including Edward who says he can’t bare to put her in such danger anymore.

Bella breaks down and for months her world is numb, until a sudden hunger for danger brings her and Jacob, her father’s friend’s son, together. Soon she finds herself spending all her time with Jacob, but their friendship seems short-lived when Jacob has a sudden change of heart and decides he doesn’t want anything to do with her? Could Bella just have awful luck in love? Or are there more sinister forces going on, like the strange behaviour of the kids from La Push?

Filming is already on track, with the cast currently in Italy with their new little star Dakota Fanning throwing herself into the role of Vampire “Jane”, a member of the Italian Volturi.

The Werewolves, “Sam Uley” Chaske Spencer , “Paul” Alex Meraz, “Jared” Bronson Pelletier and “Embry” Kiowa Gordon, who all had to provide papers to prove their Native decent, have just returned from “Wolf Camp” where they have been bonding and getting their bodies in a worthy fitness for a werewolf.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is released on 27th November 2009 – Can we really wait that long?!

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