With 2011 now in full swing, I’m not sure about you, but we are all feeling the pinch of day to day life and trying to think about which aspects we can change this year to help save money and make things that little bit easier for ourselves. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quickfire list of bullet points that we think could help!
If your credit cards, insurance or anything else you pay out to on a regular basis is coming up for renewal, check to see what savings can be made via various means of switching providers and finding better and cheaper deals.

This year why not think about growing your own produce? We are debating setting up some vegetable and herb pots in the garden and seeing what we can grow. The price of fruit and veg is always rising and this could be a great way of staying healthy and keeping costs low. Also, home grown food always tastes so much better, doesn’t it?!

Shopping for clothes and fashionable items also eats up a big chunk of our wages, so before you go and buy new things how about having a massive wardrobe clear out and selling some of your old things online or at car boot sales, it will make room for plenty of new items and give you some extra cash to put towards it in the process!

Savings jars can often be forgotten, we always think that our old change won’t add up but actually you would be surprised at just how much you could save in a whole year from loose change alone. Try it! Even if it helps towards a little treat at the end of the year or every month it is better than nothing in our book.

We hope you have enjoyed reading a few top tips from us, you can get involved by leaving yours below! We would love to hear your top money saving tips for 2011.

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