Nicci French – What to do when someone dies


‘This is not my world. Something is wrong, askew. It is a Monday evening in October. I am Ellie Falkner, 34 years old and married to Greg Manning. Although two police officers have just come to my door and told me he is dead . . . ’ It’s devastating to hear that your husband has died in a horrific car accident. But to learn that he died with a mystery woman as his passenger is torment. Was Greg having an affair? Drowning in grief, Ellie clings to Greg’s innocence, and her determination to prove it to the world at large means she must find out who Milena Livingstone was and what she was doing in Greg’s car. But in the process those around her begin to question her sanity … and her motive. And the louder she shouts that Greg might have been murdered, the more suspicion falls on Ellie herself. Sometimes it’s safer to keep silent when someone dies …

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

Nicci French books are always captivating and engaging, and her latest book was no different! A brilliant first page leads you into a storyline that you find yourself completely involved in and unable to resist the pull of further pages. Filled with raw emotion and all the twists and turns of a TV thriller this is a must read that fans of Nicci French books won’t want to miss!

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