Nigella Express……. the cooking goddess returns!

The irritatingly gorgeous, but lovely Nigella Lawson is back on our TV screens tonight to show us busy workers how to eat well, but not from a takeway menu when we get home from a hard days graft!

Nigella plans to show all of us just how easy it is to prepare tasty, filling and nutritionally balanced meals in a relatively pain-free short space of time.

We’ve all been in this situation so it is going to be really interesting to see what she suggest you stock up on as staple base foods for creating these quick and easy culinary wonders at 7pm in the evening when all you want to do is slob out on the sofa in from of Eastenders!

The BBC press release for the new series said “She covers every real-life cooking eventuality, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to parties and food on the go. Viewers can hit the kitchen running with these great recipe ideas.”

Lets hope it lives up to expectations and we can all throw away the Chinese and Indian menus for good…….. well maybe hide them at the back of a drawer somewhere for really extreme & desperate occasions!

You can catch Nigella’s new show on BBC2, every Monday at 8:30pm……. and then head off to the kitchen at 9 to recreate one of her amazing dishes!

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