No Photos Please!


Actor Michael Sheen who plays Aro in the upcoming New Moon movie has revealed the extent of security on the New Moon set lately and it isn’t pretty! Apparently it is not just press photos that the production team are concerned about being leaked, it’s potos taken by the cast themselves!

Michael goes on to say…

“I remember someone whose job was containment and I thought: ‘What does that actually mean? Does that mean stopping people from getting on the set? And it wasn’t, it was to stop people on the set taking pictures and sending them out.”

We can’t say as we are surprised about the level of security, everyone wants a piece of the Twilight gossip lately (Us included!) but it does seem a little extreme to ban the cast from taking photos on set.  With excitement building for the Movie’s upcoming release we guess it’s a case of desperate times call for desperate measures!

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