✿ Are you bored of just getting bills in the post?  ✿

 ~ Month One ~

Not another bill is aimed towards those of us who are fed up of looking down at our doormats and seeing bills and pizza menus. The idea is simple, you subscribe and in exchange for your fee, you are sent an interesting gift, once per month to brighten up that doormat and put a smile on your face.  It is about discovery and an appreciation for craft and design. The founder of the company states that he would never send anything he did not believe in.

I have a three-month subscription to Not Another Bill and my first gift has just arrived. I was quite simply blown away. When you subscribe, you have the option of choosing the gifts you would like or, keeping it as a surprise. You could spend all day browsing their beautiful collection. Despite choosing my gifts, I was still pleasantly surprised to find that it exceeded my expectations quite considerably.

The manicure kit that I had chosen was wrapped in a beautiful soft dark draw green gift reusable gift bag. I immediately noted that it was much larger than I had anticipated. The soft leather and stainless steel case felt luxurious and quite simply,  it was stunning! The set is an 8 piece set, all a sleek and rather cool matte black crafted from durable stainless steel, so you can enjoy this both at home and on the move.

 I am excitedly waiting until next month when my next gift arrives.

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