Organising a Hen Night


Here at Girlie Gossip we always aim to bring you handy, helpful information on a wide range of topics and this week we thought it might be fun to give you our top tips on how to organise your own fabulous Hen Parties with a difference!

Hen Parties have become something of a competition between women over the years and now there seems to be less nights out with the girls down the local club and more luxury Ski Holidays and Hen Weekends going on.

More and more women are seeing their hen parties as an ideal opportunity to get away from the stress of planning their wedding and using the opportunity to have a break from work, life and wedding planning for a weekend away with friends. Sounds great to us!

If you are thinking about organising the Hen Party to end ALL Hen Parties then here’s our list of ‘Top Tips’ below to keep in mind.

1) Decide which route you want to go down and how it fits in with your day to day life and work schedule. Can you afford to take time off for a break with the girls or is a night out more your style?

2) Think about costs – How much can you afford to budget on your hen party or Hen Weekend?

3) Weigh it up – Think about the advantages and disadvantages of your options what are the positive and negative points to remember for hen nights, hen parties and long weekends away?

4) Keep it fun! Remember to keep the whole hen party event and planning process FUN, your wedding is probably already stressing you out, keep things light hearted and easy to organise.

5) Delegate! – Give your friends and bridesmaids tasks to help make the event a success. Don’t try and do everything yourself, your friends will be only to happy to help given the chance.

However you go about organising your perfect Hen Night or Hen party we hope you’ve got some helpful advice from this article!

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