Orly Mani Mini 4Pc Kit – Uptown Girl

As you can probably tell, we’re all about nail polish here at Girlie Gossip right now! We’re loving bringing you the hottest nail polishes out there every week and have recently learned of a fab brand Orly stocked at Cupid & Grace. Take a look at this stunning little set below and find out why we love it so much!

Become a Park Avenue Princess with Orly Uptown Girl Mini Mani Kit – including slinky shimmer shades and a classic creamy pale pink.

Orly Ruby
OrlyVelvet Rope
Orly Sheer Nude
Orly Witch’s Blue

As you can see below, the purple is a firm favourite here at GG and it looks great on! Coverage is good and it only needs 2 coats to get the perfect finish. I’ve had mine on for 2 days now and it has showed no sign of chipping even with lots of typing and day to day tasks. Perfect for a night out!

Look out for more reviews soon where we’ll try out the other colours from the set so you can see what each individual one looks like on.

Priced at a reasonable £13.95 – Get yours here from Cupid & Grace.

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