Perfect Pamper Box – Because Everyone Deserves a Little Me Time!

❤ Perfect Pamper Box Review … ♥

The Perfect Pamper Box is the most delightful bath and body subscription box which provides you with a pampering experience right in the comfort of your own home. It is so easy to overlook the importance of “me time,” but with the Pamper Box subscription, your monthly delivery will remind you to take that quality time.

Each month they select a collection of 4-5 products. The box will contain at least 4 bath and body products and then an extra something special, e.g. an accessory, a candle, or an edible treat. One of the most wonderful things about this subscription box, that sets it apart from the rest, is the fact that they only use products that have been handmade right here in the UK.

A subscription costs just £12.00 per month + £.295 for shipping. There is no binding contract either, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. They also have longer subscription options, hampers, and gift options too!

Here at Girlie Gossip, we have been lucky enough to receive our very own box to review and we are very happy to feature this beautiful box and tell you all about the fabulous things we received… ♡


๑ Pomegranate & Vitamin E Face Mask ๑

This facemask honestly smells good enough to eat. It is handmade using kaolin clay, fresh pomegranate juice and vitamin E. It will cleanse your pores, removing everyday dirt and grime whilst a touch of shea butter and argan oil leave the skin lovely and soft. You simply apply a thin layer of facemask to your face and relax for 10 minutes. Then wipe it aware with some warm water and face cloth. We found this product to be so gentle on the skin and the pot it came in was a really good size too!


๑ Gold Topped Glitter Bath Bomb ๑

This bath bomb is made using the fragrance of vanilla must and is piped full of luxurious bath creamer to moisturise and soften skin. It is topped with a regal gold body glitter, so you really feel like you have had the royal treatment. This product is aimed towards those who love a little luxury in their bath.


๑ FRUU Lime Flavoured Lip Balm ๑

This lime flavoured lip balm is made using a base of cocoa and shea butter to moisturise and nourish dry lips. It has added aloe vera to hydrate your lips and calm any irritation. Each lip balm contains vitamin E to act as an anti-oxidant and for extra protection. With the warmer weather headed our way, (well one can hope,) this product is definitely a handbag must have! It light and fresh scent is divine!


๑ Satsuma Juice Sugar Scrub ๑

The second I had the Pamper Box in my hand I could smell this heavenly product. This one was definitely our favourite! I cannot express how immensely enjoyable the scent is! WOW! This product contains real orange seed oil which gives it a deliciously sweet and refreshing fragrance. The sugar crystals will gently exfoliae the skin and each scrup contains added cocoa butter to moisterise and nourish, leaving your skin super soft. You get out of the shower feeling refreshed, energised and smelling like an angel!


๑ Milk Chocolate Lolly ๑

Well, who does not like getting chocolate delivered straight to them? This handmade milk chocolate lolly is an indulgent treat and it really was the cherry on top of an already wonderfully delicious cake that was this months Perfect Pamper Box!


Here at Girlie Gossip we are huge fans of The Perfect Pamper Box and we cannot recommend them enough. Their Pamper Box is extremely well thought out and it is luxury at an extremely affordable price. All of the products in the box complimented each other perfectly and all of the products were really high quality and things that we would use on a daily basis. On top of all this, they support smaller, UK companies and all of their products are handmade. What more could you ask for?

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