Pampers Regional Fundraising Week in aid of UNICEF tetanus campaign

8th – 14th December 2008

Have a bit of fun with the family in the lead up to Christmas while also raising money for charity

The lead up to Christmas is the perfect time of year to turn your thoughts to those around the world who are less fortunate, while also having some fun. That’s why the Pampers Regional Fundraising Week on the 8th – 14th December is the ideal opportunity to think about holding a dress down day at work or school, or to bake some cakes and sell them to raise money for the Pampers and UNICEF tetanus campaign.

Celebrity mum Sheree Murphy says: “The Pampers and UNICEF tetanus campaign is such a great cause. I recently hosted a celebrity auction for Pampers to help raise additional money for UNICEF to support countries in eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus by 2012. Now everyone can get involved during Regional Fundraising Week and have some fun while also raising funds for vaccines to protect mothers and babies in developing countries against this terrible disease.”

Maternal and newborn tetanus can be prevented through simple vaccinations, yet the diseases claim the lives of up to 30,000 mothers and an estimated 140,000 babies in less industrialised countries every year.

Pampers and UNICEF have joined forces for the third year in their continued commitment to ensure the protection of millions of mothers and babies around the world against maternal and newborn tetanus. But this year Pampers’ campaign is going one step further and aims to support UNICEF in its work to help countries achieve the goal of eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus by 2012*.

And because small things make a big difference, the Pampers Regional Fundraising Week in aid of UNICEF’s tetanus campaign makes it as easy as possible for everyone to make a real difference to the lives of mothers and babies around the world.

Visit to find out more about the Pampers regional fundraising project, and check out some ideas on ways you can help – big or small – towards the campaign. Or simply call 0207 395 7133 to request a special Pampers regional fundraising pack to be sent to you.

Do your bit towards helping babies around the world today…

Event ideas for the Pampers and UNICEF campaign –

big or small, it all helps make a difference:

o Bring & buy sale: why not hold it in your local village hall, sitting room, or local coffee shop?

o Hunt the change: ever wondered how much spare change is ‘hiding’ that you don’t know about? Why not have some fun with the kids and make a game out of hunting for all the loose change knocking about the house? Look down the back of sofas, clear out hallway, study and bedside drawers, and check in your pen pots. You’ll probably end up finding that spare set of keys you lost years ago too!

o Get the schools involved: kids love to feel part of something important. Why not ask the school to organise a non-uniform day and donate any proceeds towards the Pampers and UNICEF campaign?

o Coffee morning: invite your friends over for a cuppa and sell your homemade cakes at the same time.

o Cocktail party: host a girlie night in, or invite partners along too, and ask for donations to be made towards their tipple of choice. Don’t buy anything new, just have fun using up all the old bottles hiding at the back of the drinks cabinet to make way for a new selection this Christmas!

o Fun run: either take part in a local event or organise a one off run with friends. You never know, you might enjoy it so much that you decide to make it a permanent fixture – great for toning those post-baby tums and getting together with some old friends.

o Nursery or school gate collection: how about asking mums and dads at the nursery or school gate to donate their loose change towards the campaign?

Top tips for a successful event:

o Keep it simple: don’t overwhelm yourself by organising something too big. Simply by getting the family involved in rummaging around the house for spare change you could really make a difference to the lives of mums and babies in developing countries

o If you’re holding an event or collection, just remember that small donations are great too – you know what they say, look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves!

o If you’re throwing a cocktail party or coffee morning, why not simply charge a small entrance fee, or ask for a contribution to be made towards the food and drink?

o Be creative: have a chat with your friends and family, including the kids, and see what everyone thinks would be a fun activity to do whilst raising money. For example, a group walk or cycle round the local park or lake, or an arts and craft competition.

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