Perfect Gifts for Newborn Babies (And Their Parents)

It’s wonderful when a friend or relative has a baby, but now you have the pressure of buying them a gift. While some parents...

It’s wonderful when a friend or relative has a baby, but now you have the pressure of buying them a gift. While some parents are very relaxed and welcome almost anything for them and their newborn, others are fussier and specify particular items. If you have been given any rules or suggestions to follow, it will help you with you with your search. But if you don’t have anything to go by, selecting a present can be a little harder. When you’re looking for a gift, you can buy something practical or something a bit more sentimental. Try some of these ideas for a present the next time someone you knows has a baby.

Practical Items

Before you start looking at clothes and cuddly toys, check with the parents to see if there’s anything they need. Often they will appreciate a practical gift more than another toy or decoration for the nursery. Gifts they can get some use out of in the baby’s first few months could consist of lots of things. You might buy them essentials, such as nappies, wipes or formula. To make it easier, so they don’t have to store lots of boxes or packets, get them a voucher they can use for essentials. But you could also choose something else they can use, such as a blanket, baby towel or set of sheets.


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Clothes can make great gifts too because if you buy anything too big, the baby can grow into it. When they’re newborn and for the next year or so, their parents can use all the clothes they can get. When a child could go through several changes of clothes every day, they can never have too many baby grows. You can either choose to buy them newborn clothes they can wear right away or purposefully get them something for older babies. It might be a few months before you get to see the baby wearing your gift, but you know their parents are already set up for the future.


Like with clothes, you can either buy toys for now or later. Keep in mind that the parents might not want too many toys, especially when they have to put them away until their child can play with them. They may also already have an extensive collection from another child. Soft toys tend to be a big hit because the child can make them their own. They can often play and cuddle with something soft from a young age. Just make sure there are no small parts that could detach (such as plastic eyes). One good example of a toy that’s suitable for newborns is the Angel Dear gifts at Makaboo, which are soft, machine washable and which you can personalise.

Let’s face it, any gifts are more for the parents than the child. So if they already have the necessities covered and enough toys to last until the baby turns eighteen, get them something instead. It could be a bottle of wine, a DVD for a quiet night in, or just an offer of babysitting so that they can get away one night.


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