The Perfect Gifts for Techie Dad’s!

« Techie Gifts for Dad’s this Father’s Day » Whilst a lovely pair of cosy slippers, a pair of socks or a bar of...

« Techie Gifts for Dad’s this Father’s Day »

Whilst a lovely pair of cosy slippers, a pair of socks or a bar of chocolate might be at the top of some men’s lists. Others are far more interested in gifts more fitting with the 21st century. If you are buying a Father’s Day gift for one of those men then you have come to the right place.

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✣ Tile App ✣

If the man in your life is forever forgetting where he has put things, then this is the perfect gift. The tile app allows you to locate your belongings in seconds. The tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and then the easy-to-use app shows you where your belongings are.

You simply attach the tiles to all of the things you care about or the things you lose often. Your keys, your phone, your wallet for example. Then you log onto the app and see the last place you had it. When you get close you can make it ring so you can zoom into its exact location. You can even press the button on your tile to make your phone ring, even if it is on silent.

The tile has a convenient hole so you can attach it easily to things. It is also tailor-made for wallets, purses and laptops making it the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker.

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✣ Humax Eye ✣

This small but mighty camera by Humax is not only perfect for techy men but for non-tech men alike. It is so simple to set up and use! The camera is extremely versatile, you can use it to monitor your pets at home, or simply monitor your home whilst you are on holiday. You can use it for second home surveillance, caravans, to keep an eye on your children, or even your car or motorbike.

You can then view live or recorded footage via the dedicated app on your smartphone. The Humax Eye comes with a free 7-day rolling cloud storage plan too, so there are no subscription fees to pay or contracts to sign. The camera starts to record immediately when motion is detected. It looks fantastic too, it is compact and the inconspicuous design blends perfectly into any home environment.

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✣ Polk Boom Bit and Polk Boom Swimmer ✣

We always expect great sound and great quality from Polk and we are never disappointed. ‘Polk’ pride themselves on being speaker specialists and claim they bring concerts and the theatre into living rooms. Polk makes speakers which are accessible to everyone for an affordable price. Two of which would make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

The Polk boom bit is a wearable Bluetooth speaker. It has a steel clip to attach it securely to your clothing. You are then free to take hands-free calls and listen to your music safely. It has a standard USB with cap for quick and easy charging.

The Poll Boom Swimmer is a dirt proof, waterproof, and shockproof wireless Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for the bathroom or to take on fishing tips. It has a hook and a suction cup attachment.

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