Our Favourite Pet Subscription Boxes! Dog & Cat!

| Pet Subscription Boxes | – Dog & Cat – Quite often in life, our pets are more important to us than a human...

| Pet Subscription Boxes |

– Dog & Cat –

Quite often in life, our pets are more important to us than a human will ever be. That is definitely the case for me. My cats Lemmy and Luna have been two of my favourite things on earth for the past decade. Milo, our new puppy, has lived with us just two short months and he is already firmly planted right in the middle of my heart. My family is small, (just me, him, and them,) but perfectly formed.

Pet subscription boxes give you everything you need for your pet, treats, toys, natural products, and sometimes even a little something for you! It is all delivered straight to your door every month. With so many choices, we thought we would tell you our faves! Our Number ones! The best of the best in both the dog and the cat categories.


| Meet the Testers |

◃ Milo▹

Milo is the latest addition to our family, he has lived with us for a couple of months now and he is exactly 4 months old. He is a fawn/red coloured Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He loves cuddles, watching adverts on the TV and stealing socks and he dislikes wearing his collar.

◃ Luna▹

Luna has lived with us for almost five years and she was 8 months when we got her. She was our first ever pet and is white and grey with really fluffy fur! She is a one human cat for sure and her human of choice is my fella, Phil.  Luna loves climbing into bags and boxes and Phil, and she dislikes everyone who isn’t Phil!

◃ Lemmy▹

Lemmy has also lived with us for almost five years. He arrived around 8 weeks after Luna and they have been best friends ever since. He was also around 8 months old and he is a tabby, although the vet says he might have some Bengal in him because he is lanky with a really long neck. Lemmy loves to sleep in Milo’s bed and meeting new friends and he hates being woken up.


| DoggTreats Box |

DoggTreats is a family ran business founded by Scott and Amy. Not forgetting Callie their Cocker Spaniel and Uno and Sunny their Lovebirds. Their business stands on a foundation of core values and each dog subscription box is an extension of these. DoggTreats believe in providing quality food that your dog can enjoy and benefit from and in providing the best possible service. They also believe that pets are part of the family and we are completely on board with this ethos.

It is these core values that immediately attracted me to DoggTreats. I stumbled across the ‘about‘ section of their website and it was evident just how passionate they were, and just how much they strived to bring joy, happiness and excitement to our pets. They also donate 50p to DogsTrust for every 50p they send out.

| It’s Super EASY! |

DoggTreats website is so easy to use. They first need some info about your dog! They don’t just intend to create a fun box, but a one that is actually hand suited to your dog! Then you pick your plan. You can choose from 1, 3 or 6-month plans and select from a monthly or bi-monthly delivery. You are in charge of everything, there is no lifetime binding contract or anything like that. Then all you need to do is sit back and relax, your box is shipped on the 22nd of each month.

| What’s in your box? |

Every dog treat and dog toy that is selected to go in your box each month are specially selected by dog experts and Callie (@callie_spaniel,) the cockerspaniel even helps out by testing the treats and toys too. The contents and size of the box will differ depending on the box that you select.

Our Puppy Milo was super excited to receive his DoggTreats box last month. The toy that was inside the box has outlived any other toy Milo has had! Everything was such great quality and nicely packaged too!

“Relationships are hard. Fortunately, dogs tend to love you for just being you. Basically, they make us happy without asking much in return! That’s why we love to give back to our dogs.” – DoggTreats

▹▹ For more information & to get your hands on a DoggTreats box click here◃◃


| Milo Approved |

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 | My Purrfect Gift Box |

My Purrfect Gift Box is the UK’s only Style Box for people who love cats! You get unique cat lovely gifts delivered directly to your door and you can add little treats and surprised for your cats too.

My Purrfect Gift Box is a family run business founded by Kim and Juan, their two children, and their two cats Kanty and Ashkii. Kim and Juan are both dedicated cat lovers and moved from the USA to the Isle of Man where they now run their own countryside retreat for cats. After reading their ‘about‘ me page, enjoying their story and reading about their support for a variety of charities I was excited to receive My Purrfect Gift Box.

| How does it work? |

The My Purrfect Gift Box website is set out really well and really simple to use. Currently, their boxes contain gifts mostly for cat ladies but they do state that any Cat Gentlemen can contact them via their website. Cat lovers have two choices, a standard box and a standard box with cat gifts. Subscriptions renew on the 5th of every month but you can cancel or alter your subscription as required. There is also an option to purchase a one time box.

| What’s in your box? |

A whole lot of thought and care is put into these subscription boxes and each item is handpicked. Each month there is a theme, we recently enjoyed the ‘Under the Sea’ themed box! Lemmy and Luna both loved their toys, Lemmy favoured the little shell, and Luna the Dolphin which was handy! My favourite was the little Cat pin! It was a cat on the top but a tail on the bottom. So quirky and cute!

My Purrfect Gift Box works with cat loving artists to bring you items that you won’t find on the high street! Items vary from box to box but include home decor, jewellery, stationery, artwork, treats and beauty and lifestyle products.

I love that this box has the potential to be a treat for both you and your cat’s, you get to enjoy it together.

▹▹ For more information or to start your subscription click here◃◃


 | Lemmy & Luna Approved |

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