Preparing For Your Wedding, Essential Steps To Take

Well, first we want to say congratulations because he must have finally popped the question. Or, you are just thinking ahead, in which case...

Well, first we want to say congratulations because he must have finally popped the question. Or, you are just thinking ahead, in which case hang in there, your time will come. So what comes next after he gets down on one knee, and you say yes? Well, it’s obvious isn’t it.

Step 1: Tell Everyone

Come on now, you know that’s what happens. We have all had the phone call from a hyperactive friend who has just received her proposal. Now it’s your turn to ring people in tears as they try to figure out what’s happened. It’s all part of the fun but unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many people you ring up, this does not count as inviting them to the wedding. Besides, you probably haven’t even chosen a venue yet so we think that’s step two. Give yourself a break after step 1 though because it’s probably going to take a while and involve a lot of tears and laughter.

Step 2: Plan A Date, Book A Venue

This isn’t a simple task unless you have had your heart set on that small chapel in your town ever since you were little. Even if you did, he might have other ideas. But remember, no matter what anyone says this is your day, not his, you get the final say. We’re not trying to create any bridezillas, but we think it’s pretty clear a wedding is about the bride. You’ll probably go to a few different venues before you decide on the one that is right for you, and then you need to pick a day. We advise you choose a date that is at least six months away because there is a lot more planning to do for a wedding.

Step 3: Invite Everyone!

Now you’ve got your dream venue it’s time to start the invitations, but first write your guess list. At this point your fiance will be sulking in the corner as he discovers just how many people you are inviting, so ignore him for the moment. Focus on choosing your bridesmaids and your maid of honor as well as writing a list of family members and friends. Many brides make the mistake of choosing bridesmaids that will make them look good. Don’t be so insecure, your choices should always be those who you can trust and rely on. Once you are finished your partner might be ready to present his guest list so read through it carefully. Remember, no exes allowed!

Step 4: Shopping Spree

Being a bride is the perfect excuse to spend a lot of money on beautiful things. There’s the dress, wedding hair accessories, makeup and jewelry. Then you need to pay for the stylist, the horse and carriage and the list just keeps on going. But this is the fun part so forget about the price. This is your chance to look like a princess and be the centre of everyone’s attention for one day. Make the most of it.

If you want to learn more about looking beautiful on your wedding day have a look at this post. Aside from that we hope you enjoy it and have a long happy life with the one you love.


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