PS I Love You Movie Review and Analysis

So, I finally got to see PS I Love You last night! At long last …

I must admit I had some serious reservations about exactly what this film would be like after hearing a lot of negative reviews from critics and press and as a huge fan of the book by Cecelia Ahern I didn’t want to leave the cinema feeling let down! Luckily for me though I had absolutely nothing to worry about as this film is fantastic!! …

It differs from the book in many ways, so if you are expecting a completely accurate version then do prepare yourself for this before you go and watch the movie. It plays out in a generally ‘sillier’ and more funny way than it reads in the book but this really does work well on screen, and if you like romantic comedies I think you will definitely enjoy it.

I was genuinely worried that Hilary Swank was totally miscast as Holly before I saw PS I Love You for myself, I have never seen her do a ‘sweet’ or remotely girly role before so all I could think was “Why didn’t they get someone like Reece Witherspoon to play her instead?” however once again this was a case of me jumping to conclusions, as from the beginning of the movie Hilary won me over with her unique, clumsy and surprisingly likeable version of Holly. The gorgeous Gerard Butler plays Gerry, Holly’s super sexy, hilarious life loving husband who dies from a brain tumour early on in the film. Despite (In my opinion) a pretty rubbish Irish accent from Gerard he manages to be completely charming and charismatic throughout. I also thought that Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played William was fantastic and deserves a nod of recognition! Fans of Grey’s Anatomy might remember him as one of the shows classic characters Denny Duquette.

For those who don’t know the basic plotline it revolves around a young married couple Holly and Gerry, when Gerry dies he knows Holly won’t be able to move on with her life without him so he leaves her a series of letters designed to help her move on and start living her life once again. The letters turn up at various different points throughout the film and always end with the words PS, I love you. The movie manages to be both silly, funny, and immensely heartbreaking all at the same time and despite what many of the critics have said I absolutely loved it.

It is definitely one for the girls, so on that note I highly recommend that you leave your husbands/significant others at home for the night with their Xbox or PS3 and go and see PS I Love you immediately for a good old fashioned girly romantic comedy!

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