Pushy Celebrity Parents

In Penelope, the wonderful modern-day fairytale, Christina Ricci stars as Penelope, a beautiful young girl with an extraordinary curse. Hidden away from the world in her family’s majestic home, Penelope dreams of breaking free of the enchantment – but true love is hard to find when young men run away screaming. That is, until she meets Max (James McAvoy), a down-on-his-luck musician and Anne (Reese Witherspoon), a free-spirited rock-chick, who encourages her to come out of hiding and find her true self. Penelope soon discovers that sometimes what you’re looking for can be right under your nose…
Penelope’s mother locks her up for 20 years thinking she’s protecting her daughter, which only causes Penelope to want to break free from and discover the world…

Penelope isn’t the only one with a pushy parent! Here we look at some celebrities who have suffered a similar curse….

Britney Spears

A lot of blame has been placed on Lynne Spears for Britney’s recent downfall. Having been in the limelight since she was just 8 years old, Britney missed out on having a normal childhood which may be the reason behind her rebellious phase when she famously shaved off her hair and cut off all ties with her family.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica’s father, Joe Simpson, the mastermind behind her career and her sister Ashlee has also been accused of being a pushy parent.
Joe was the one who contacted MTV about producing a show titled Newlyweds about Jessica and her new husband. His interference in his daughter’s life was one of the alleged reasons for their divorce a few years later. Jessica’s new relationship with Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo was recently in the headlines after the couple decided to take a break. Allegedly Tony gave Jessica an ultimatum and told her to stop letting her Dad get in the way of their relationship.

Michael Jackson

When Michael was just 6 years old his father Joseph created ‘The Jackson 5’ which included Michael and 4 of his brothers. Joseph has often been accused by members of his family of strict parenting, especially by Michael, who has said in the past that Joseph never showed any of his children the kind of love that fathers are supposed to show their children and that his presence used to cause him to regurgitate and/or faint. Michael did, however, credit his father for starting his long career, saying in a recent interview that Joseph was “a genius”. Other family members share that sentiment with Jermaine and Janet saying that Joseph was able to bring his family out of their rough Gary neighborhood using his children’s talents, and that unlike other singers of the time, they never got into drugs under Joseph’s watchful eye.
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay’s mother Dina claims it was Lindsay’s idea to pursue showbiz at a young age and she simply supported her. Dina has been accused of being a bad parent after photos emerged of her and her daughter doing drugs after Dina had denied Lindsay had a problem. In the past 18 months Lindsay has had 3 separate spells in rehab.

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