Increased demand for imitation jewellery has prompted QVC, one of the world’s biggest shopping channels, to launch its first pop-up shop on the British high-street. 
The store attracted shoppers with the use of a live mannequin, in the form a Julia Roberts lookalike, sporting a replica version of a necklace worn in pretty women costing £275 compared to the £865,000 price tag for the real thing – following  survey of over 1000 Brits revealing it as one of the most iconic jewellery pieces worn in a film.

The temporary Diamonique store – selling QVC’s own range imitation diamonds – opened in the prestigious Hatton Garden area yesterday (Tuesday 11th October) with shoppers able to buy cut-price jewellery ranging from £21 to £743.

The new retail offering – which attracted over 500 visitors on its opening day – comes as the company announced its viewing figures had risen by 10 per cent over the last year, to 7.6 million a month, with sales up five per cent to £387.2 million.

Emily Gilkes, Jewellery Buyer at QVC comments:

“Beautiful jewellery should be attainable for everyone. Our Diamonique offering is expertly cut by hand in the same way that natural diamonds are to enhance the clarity, colour, cut and brilliance of every piece.”

Research of 1,000 people reveals that two thirds (69 per cent) of recession-hit romantics admit they cannot tell the difference between imitation and real diamonds – with 80 per cent of women saying they actually preferred the look of imitation diamonds over the real thing.

To see the results of the QVC Diamonique Challenge – a street survey of real versus imitation diamonds – visit:

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