How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Climate change is having a devastating effect on planet Earth, as it is shrinking ice sheets, warming oceans and rising sea levels. Unfortunately, this is causing extreme weather events, food scarcity and wiping out animal species. The future of our planet is our hands, we each, therefore, have a responsibility to protect it as much as possible. We are offering top tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

|Turn Off Your Gadgets |

Turning off your gadgets will not only reduce your energy bills, but it can have a positive impact on planet Earth. Reduce your carbon footprint by unplugging your charges and appliances from their sockets when they are not in use.

| Use Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs |

You might be shocked to learn that one bulb can help to reduce an incredible 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution. Do your bit for planet Earth by switching to a compact fluorescent bulb, which can also slash your energy bills in half.

| Carpool to Work |

There are many benefits to carpooling to work with a colleague. In addition to saving money on fuel, you can each reduce the amount of carbon dioxide a car emits from its engine. Start a carpool club in your workplace, or download the many apps that allow you to discover a potential carpooling buddy in your local area.

| An Eco-Friendly Electric Car |

Did you know that electric cars produce zero emissions? That’s why you should consider the vehicles when investing in a new car. To become more environmentally responsible, we suggest the stylish Nissan Leaf, which is constructed from recyclable materials, such as old car parts, water bottles, and plastic bags. Visit Nissan Edinburgh to find out more.

| Buy a Laptop Over a Desktop |

Are you in the market for a new computer? Choose a laptop over a desktop, which is more environmentally friendly due to their battery life. They also feature energy efficient hard drives, screens, adapters and CPUs.

| Buy Local |

Do you love exotic fruit? It is likely those watermelons and pineapples are not grown within the local area. So will create significant carbon emissions to make it onto a store’s shelves. We, therefore, recommend buying seasonal, locally grown produce that does not have to travel miles to make it into your home.

| Plant a Tree in Your Garden |

Proactively take steps to improve the environment by planting a tree in your garden. The tree will provide both oxygen and shade, whilst effectively consuming carbon dioxide, so it can improve air quality. For instance, it has been reported that one tree can absorb an incredible 13 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. As the tree starts to mature, the figure can amount to a whopping 48 pounds every year. To put this into perspective, a ten-year old tree can produce enough oxygen into the air to support two people annually. Check out houseplants too to help recycle the air in your home.

Do you have any helpful tips to create a more environmentally-friendly planet?

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