Refresh Your Bedroom This Spring!

How to refresh your bedroom this spring! ❀ Spring is officially in full swing! Spring symbolises renewal, new life, and growth. The great ‘spring...

How to refresh your bedroom this spring!

❀ Spring is officially in full swing!

Spring symbolises renewal, new life, and growth. The great ‘spring clean’ is a tradition that we all follow, and all around the world, it appears that everyone is doing the same. In Iran they “shake the house clean,” in Jewish cultures, they “cleanse” the home for Passover. and in China, they “sweep away bad luck.” With vitality restored during the spring time, ancient man would spring clean as a natural remedy to prevent infection and disease, so the tradition is longstanding and has been carried throughout history.

More importantly, however… it just makes sense! As we shake off the sleepy slumber of winter and breath in the fresh spring air, we feel ready and motivated to attack our homes with gusto.

So, ‘un-batten’ the hatches, open up your home that has been shut tight for winter and follow these simple steps to refresh your bedroom and get it spring ready!


 。。。 Honey Pot Lanterns 。。。

These honeypot lanterns come in a set of two. You place your tea light candles inside and they give off a lovely warm spring glow. Each of the honeypots has a sweet wooden charm attached with twine. The slogan reads, “Bee Happy.” So pop these on your bedside table to add a little spring to your bedroom. Here at Girlie Gossip we fell in love with these, so much so we featured them in our March favourites. ♡

。。。 Scatter Cushions 。。。

One of the simplest ways you can refresh your bedroom is through the use of scatter cushions and these options from the NEXT range are quite simply, beautiful.

The ‘Ewe are Loved’ pillow is 50 cm by 40 cm and is made with 100% cotton. The sheep design is made with 3D pom pom details and the slogan on the front is sweet. The cushion is mostly white so you can team this pillow with any bedding set that you have and it would complement any bedroom decor.

The heart pillow part of a full alphabet range, so all of the letters are available as well as a & and # symbol. Also, the heart cushion that you can see in the photograph. The pillow is square in shape and measures 43 cm by 43 cm. It is made with 100% cotton materials with a velvet reverse. Again, the cushion is monochrome in colour so would make a fantastic addition to any bedroom.

~ Heart / Alphabet Pillow ~

~ Ewe are Loved Pillow ~

。。。 Wax Melts 。。。

Scents allow you to create a one-of-a-kind ambience at home. So, when you want to make a change or refresh your room with minimal effort, scented candles, incense, or wax melts are definitely the way to go.

Bolsius have a huge range of burners and wax melts in a wide variety of scents, no less than 30 fragrances in their range. The wax burners are beautiful and can add a statement in their own right. The melts are also incredible.  The scents last a long time, (+/- 25 hours,) and they are strong without being offensive.

。。。 NICE Biscuit Cushion 。。。

Give your bedroom a quirky update with this adorable cushion. Designed with a NICE biscuit print it is a must have for all you biscuit lovers out there. As the saying goes, “if you feel like there is something missing in life, it is almost always a biscuit,” and with this delightful pillow, you will never have to be without yours!

The pillow is 30cm by 40cm, is made with 100% polyester and is washing machine and tumble dryer safe. There is also an option to purchase an entire bedding set in this print. Another Girlie Gossip March favourite! ♡

。。。 Bedding 。。。

This dainty duvet set designed with hummingbirds will make a pretty addition to your bedroom. Designed from an easy-care cotton, the soft fabric will ensure a snug and comfortable finish. The pretty colours will brighten up your bedroom and the bird design will bring a little bit of spring in from the outdoors.

As part of this set, you get the duvet cover and two pillow cases. So you can team it up with a lovely vibrant colour fitted sheets or go for more muted tones, the choice is yours. The materials are a combination of polyester and cotton and it is part of the George range in ASDA, so you know it it is going to be good quality at an affordable price.

。。。 Pillow Cases 。。。

Bring pretty florals to your bedroom with these all over floral print pillowcases. The easy care construction these make a great addition to your bedroom. These pillows are again part of the George Home range at ASDA and they cost just £2.50 for a set of two. The materials used are a combination of cotton and polyester.
The design is a classic, but timeless design. Fresh, elegant and ever so pretty.

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