Tips On How To Refresh Your Home Without Redecorating

It’s getting warmer, the days are growing longer, and spirits everywhere are starting to lift – spring is officially here!

It’s always nice to say goodbye to winter. Putting the cold and dark behind us gives us a whole new lease of life, inspiring us to start afresh and maybe try some new things. Which is why springtime is the perfect season to give your home a makeover (and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg). Here are some easy tips to refresh your home this spring without the need for any heavy redecorating:

New Lighting

Want to really bring your room to life? Get new lighting. Transforming your home’s entire vibe can be as simple as buying a couple of floor or table lamps and strategically placing them in dark corners.

Rugs on Floors

A bare wooden floor may be great to look at, but it’s cold to the touch and can sometimes feel a bit too plain. Try placing a rug over it. In fact, rugs can have a surprisingly huge impact on your interiors, and can even make your rooms feel more spacious.

Rearranged Furniture

This takes almost zero effort. Simply moving your sofas, chairs and tables around can absolutely transform your space. Experiment with different furniture configurations – your home could feel brand new with just a few tweaks.

Splashes of Colour

We don’t mean repainting all your walls. You can breathe new life into your rooms by simply adding different coloured cushions, or replacing your curtains with ones that have a bit more visual pizzazz. Check out some of this year’s most popular spring colours, and get inspired.

New Look Front Door

If you do have some paint lying around and don’t mind getting a bit hands-on, you could try repainting just your front door. It’s the first thing people come face-to-face with when they arrive at your home, so an attractive new colour could help to make a great first impression.

Wall Art

Why not invest in some new art pieces for your walls? There’s plenty out there to choose from, and they won’t all break the bank. For the more creatively inclined, there’s also nothing stopping you from having a go at making some yourself.


Bring your garden inside! Houseplants and flowers are perfect for reviving your rooms and lifting everyone’s mood. Some actually need very little maintenance (like aloe and ficus trees), making them ideal for some springtime horticulture indoors.

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