Relaxing Fun With Jumbo Puzzles

These days our kids are exposed to so much technology.

With television, computer games, IPads, phones etc. They rarely take time to sit down and enjoy something as simple as a puzzle. It’s important to try to limit the time our kids spend on electronics and encourage them to do things more creative.

With the typical British weather, it’s not always an option to play outside so we quite often spend time colouring, doing puzzle or baking cakes. When our puzzles from Jumbo showed up I couldn’t wait for the kids to come home from school so I could show them what we got.

After a long day at school they don’t have much energy, so coming home to a healthy snack and some puzzles is the perfect way for them to wind down and chill out but still have fun at the same time.

Untitled design (57)

The lovely people over at Jumbo kindly sent the kids a puzzle each. Chloe got a Disney Descendants one which she absolutely loved! And Connor got a DC Superfriends 4-in-1 puzzle. Both puzzles were perfect for their ages and they had so much fun putting them together. It was lovely to see how proud they both were when they had completed their puzzles. 

Untitled design (58)

We will definitely be spending more time doing  a puzzle together. It’s a great way to encourage both the kids to work together and it really relaxes them after a long day.

You can buy these puzzles from Amazon:

Jumbo Disney Descendants Jigsaw Puzzle X-Large 100-Piece -
Jumbo Disney Descendants Jigsaw Puzzle X-Large 300-Piece - 
DC Superfriends 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzles Set

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